Lady Gaga Claims ‘Prince Charles Is Not Human, But A Reptilian Shapeshifter’

It’s something that seems to be circulating online right now. When Lady Gaga met the Crown Prince of England back on December 7th, there were claims that the recording artist stated that right in front of her Prince Charles turned into an 8-foot reptile.

Lady Gaga Says Prince Charles Shapeshifter

In other words, he is a shapeshifter whose true form is that of a reptile. Lady Gaga has been In fact; the artist claims she saw him shape shift a few times during her performance at the Royal Variety Performance that took place in London.

“Prince Charles was eight foot tall, with yellow eyes that flicker, and scaly skin the color of an iguana.”

She claims she also saw The Prince of Wales shapeshift in the audience while she performed her song A Million Reasons.

“His face in the crowd flashed between human and reptile. I could see his reptile teeth glistening in the light from the other side of the room.”

So, is there any truth to any of this, or is Lady Gaga trying to get publicity? It wouldn’t be the first time that there were claims of members of the Royal family being shapeshifting reptiles. There was also a report of the Queen doing the same thing at her 90th birthday celebration which was all over the social media platform Twitter. There were even reports of the beloved late Princess Diana claiming this, but again it’s all online.

So, again is any of this true since there is much circulating online of those who are in influential positions world-wide being shape-shifting reptiles who are in line with the Illuminati. Those have included a psychic claiming to see such notable figures as President Obama shape shift. Now again whether this is true has yet to be proven and remains conspiracy theories at best. But, whether these reports are true or not it could explain some stuff that has happened especially in recent events. After all, just how long will it take before there is a report that someone saw Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump shape shift before their eyes. Well, who knows but at this point it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear. It would seem that with all the publicity, most of which not good surrounding these two right now it would seem to be just a matter of time.