Kill Cancer Cells By Removing This One Thing From Your Diet

We get a lot of flack for reporting on the multitude of carcinogens in everything from pesticide to oatmeal and kids’ snacks. I get it; it can be overwhelming. In this article, though, I’m going to make things very simple.

If you follow only one piece of cancer prevention advice, let it be this:

Avoid artificial sugar.

How Sugar Fuels Cancer Cells

Back in the 1920s, Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Otto Warburg theorized that cancer cells thrive on sugar. He believed that when the body breaks down sugar, it produces various chemicals that encourage cancer progression and mitochondrial dysfunction.

This theory has held strong right up to the present day, thanks to research that’s explained it further.

Today, we know – without a doubt – that consuming too much sugar makes the body insulin-resistant. When this happens, the body has to turn out more and more insulin-like growth factor (IGF) to metabolize sugar. IGF is what stimulates the continued growth of cancer cells.

“Cancer cells are normally kept in check by the body’s constant turnover – new healthy cells grow and bad cells die,” says Dr. Carrie Daniel-MacDougall. “IGF blocks the signals for cells to grow normally and die when it’s time to die, so instead they just grow grow grow.”

When cells ‘grow grow grow,’ they’re considered cancerous. That abnormal growth begins to take over organs and spread – fueled by sugar.

This is one major reason we see such high cancer fatality rates in people with IGF-related health concerns, like diabetes. Of course, there’s also the fact that sugar causes cancer cells to begin growing in the first place.

How To Starve Cancer Cells By Cutting Sugar Out Of Your Diet

The key is to remove artificial sugar from your diet. Foods with natural sugar, like fruits, provide your body with nutrients and vitamins. Foods with artificial sugar provide very little benefit and only work to damage your cells. Stay away from those.

It’s a bit easier said than done; sugar is a drug more addictive than cocaine. Millions of Americans are hooked on it. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to quit, though. You just need to retrain your brain and taste buds to loathe the stuff.

A good way to start is by ditching soda. A single can of the stuff contains roughly 39 grams of sugar. That’s more than an adult male should be consuming in their entire day.

Eating lots of protein is also a great way to squash your sugar cravings. Protein balances your blood-sugar/insulin levels.

Check out this video to learn how quitting sugar reversed one man’s cancer.

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