Keep Yourself From Bad Web Hosts By Following These Tips

It’s no secret that a good and successful web hosting provider allows a business website to become good and successful as well in the long run. It’s a real boon to find a reliable web host that can provide you reliability by keeping your site up and offer tools like whois to know your site’s security standing.

On the other hand, a bad web host can cause your site’s downfall by capsizing traffic and degrading your SEO ranking. If you have an online business– it’s vital to put up defenses and protect yourself even from your current web host.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

Choose an alternate domain provider

While many hosting companies now offer free domain, registration bundled with a hosting package, it’s worth considering to spend an extra $10-$15 and register your primary domain with a better registrar.

It is easy to move to a new hosting company if you register your domain with a different party. Otherwise, you will need to wait for your hosting company to release your domain. This is bad for them because they are also losing your business.

If you are already registered in a domain, it’s fine. You can still transfer to a third-party registrar easily.

Be careful around payment methods

Automated payment is easy to set up with many hosting companies, but it can be a real headache when you wish to cancel. Crooked companies may continue charging a debit or credit card even after a user cancels your account.

With that said, ensure that your chosen web host has robust yet honest payment methods that don’t come with fangs at the end of the deal.

Research prices and features before purchase

You want the best possible deal so it’s smart to compare hosting features and prices as well as look at online reviews and contact some people who host with those companies.

When a hosting deal is too good to be true, it most probably is.

Choosing a hosting company that costs $0.99/month will probably provide you an overloaded server. However, avoid hosting companies that charge exorbitant prices unless there is a good reason. This is where research helps.

Keep your options opened

You don’t need to stick with the same web host forever. If you know for sure that there’s a better host out there who can provide you better services or offer better prices, then by all means.

It not hard to switch web hosts. Many companies will even migrate to the site for free. Switching web host hardly affect Google rankings. Just ensure to minimize your site downtime during the switch.

Understand your web requirements

Knowing your specific needs can clear the smoke screens aka marketing sweet talk and get you the quality and value hosting you deserve. For instance, if you require shared hosting but will probably need a VPS later; then avoid hosting a company that only has a shared hosting.

Regardless of your business type, securing your website and your users will only serve to strengthen your position and success online. If you don’t have domain protection from the whois database, now is the time to get one. Learn more about whois from your web host or by using a whois search tool.

Choosing the right hosting company for your business website will make the difference in, site speed, website availability, server management effort, Google rankings, and ultimately business revenue. With that said, it is crucial to host your business only with a reliable company that can provide solid hosting performance and fair costing.

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