Katy Perry Collapses During Illuminati Mind Control Meltdown

Footage has emerged of the pop star Katy Perry being hauled off stage by a security guard after collapsing after delivering what has been referred to as an ‘incoherent rant’. This shocking footage follows several incidents of erratic behavior from the pop star which some have credited to mental illness. However, others believe that the cause of Perry’s breakdown might be far more sinister than that. Could she have been a victim of a mind control program?


In recent months, observers have begun to speculate as to whether Katy Perry could be in the midst of a mental breakdown. In a recent viral interview, she was seen to display the signs of a split personality and claimed that there was a deep internal conflict between her Katy Perry persona and her Katheryn Hudson (her real name) persona. She also claimed that she recently cut off all of her hair so that she wouldn’t ‘look like Katy Perry anymore’.

While many believe that this unusual behavior could be the result of a mental illness triggered by the pressure of the publicity associated with releasing a new album others believe that this display is evidence of a mind control program. In the past, Perry has faced accusations of using Illuminati symbolism and subliminal Satanic messages in her songs which led to suspicions that she was being used as an agent of the notorious secret society. It is believed that it is possible that she was being used against her will.

It is believed that many celebrities have been subjected to mind control programs in order to use their popularity as a medium to transmit propaganda through hypnosis and subliminal messages. One of the features of this sinister program is to eventually lead to a mental breakdown. The technique is believed to be widely used against child stars associated with Nickelodeon and the Walt Disney Corporation. The program has been credited with the mental breakdowns of both Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes, who claimed that she felt as though her personality had fractured in a similar way to Katy Perry.

According to those who claim to have knowledge of this program, it is not only child stars who are subjected to this disturbing treatment. It is claimed that Kanye West who was recently taken into psychiatric care after having a mental breakdown on stage is also a victim of the mind-control program. West claims that he had his mind erased after he publicly ranted about how he supported Donald Trump while on stage.

These mental breakdowns by public stars are not believed to be a bug of the program but a feature. It is thought that these public displays of ‘madness’ are a way of discrediting the celebrities when they become aware of their role in the mind control agenda and are at risk of revealing what is going on behind the scenes.