Jumping Game Development Company – New Player To Kick Off The Market Leaders

There is always a clear hierarchy in the gaming industry market. But there are constant movement and rotation too: some companies lose their palm, while others grab it. And even with just one product, you can fundamentally turn the tide and tip the scale to your side. But for this you need a lot, for example, hire talented performers, prepare a good base, conduct an effective marketing company. And in the end, this can also fail. And here she comes to the aid of the developers – a capricious dame named luck.

Such a case can be considered canonical. And this case is the story of the young company named Jumpman, which recently broke into the gambling market, and immediately conquered it. And that means – has become successful among numerous players around the world.

What led the company to such success? The answer is simple: an extremely successful combination of several strategies at once and a certain risk it has overcome:

• Effective and clearly targeted marketing, thanks to which visitors to online gaming halls became interested in the suddenly appeared advertising of new games, not similar to what they had seen before.

• Objectively high level of execution of all tasks assigned to developers: in games from Jumping, everything is fine, from fascinating scenarios (which is a rare occurrence for gambling) to a modern and accurately working embodiment into the final software product.

• Timely appearance on gaming platforms: while the whole world was fed up with the products of gambling giants, Jumping was a discovery that breathed a second life into already bored gambling.

The company appeared recently: in comparison with old well-known concerns, its age is small – only 8 years on the market. But from a local provider company on a small island near England, it has come a long way to a serious competitor.

Today, all the activities of this developer can be divided into two large categories of games:

• The first and main is called 15Network – but for a long time, it has included many more than a dozen sites. In this segment, the company has focused on Jumpman gaming bingo sites that are simple and understandable to people. Their feature was a very interesting design, bright and stylish at the same time.

• The second global product was targeted specifically at slot lovers. And for 3 years now this direction has been actively developing and winning the hearts of the public around the world.

If we talk about the specific differences that Jumping bingo gaming sites have, then in the first place it is a generous and attractive bonus program for customers, which, alas, large game players cannot boast of. This approach, by the way, has already acted on the public and attracted a huge number of players to sites that bought products from Jumping.

A simple game interface and accessibility for new customers is another trump ace in the sleeve of the company. With their gambling games, even ardent opponents of gambling were attracted. And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the powerful background in terms of software. The company took as a basis the bingo-lottery drum one of the most tested and reliable randomizers, which received certification from the most influential government bodies.

But is Jumpman alone worth it? Of course no. While the company is in a phase of active development and growth, it still cannot compete in a variety of designs and game offers. So far, the same bingo is presented only in two classic formats, although with different interfaces to please the players.

The second drawback is also strongly associated with design: due to the unified development of the corporate identity of their products, Jumping is trapped: their sites are easy to identify even to inexperienced gamblers. But all this is quite fixable, and it is quite possible that in a couple of years we will be able to see the dizzying history of the emergence and development of the most powerful player in the gambling market worldwide.

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