Joan Rivers Murdered! Air Supply Cut Off By Unapproved Biopsy By Mystery Doctor


The air supply to Joan Rivers was cut-off by a ‘surprise biopsy’, confirming Rivers was murdered as believed by ‘conspiracy theorists’. This one is absolutely bizarre; why would a Dr. perform a NON-approved operation upon Rivers, a biopsy that ended up killing her? Why are they NOT releasing the name of this mysterious Dr. who came with Rivers’ group? This one will blow your mind! 


Was this another case of a star being ‘whacked’ or something MUCH BIGGER? Was Joan Rivers murdered for calling out Michelle Obama as a transexual and Barack Obama as gay as Dahboo asks? All links to info below video while 2nd video goes more into ‘starwhacking’ from Hollywood star Randy Quaid who drops major bombshells to silence those who don’t believe the possibility that Rivers murder was tied to ‘conspiracy’.