Joan Rivers Has Died.. Another Hollywood Illuminati Sacrifice?

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Legendary comedian and actress Joan Rivers has been rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during throat surgery as shared in the newly released videos below.

Rivers recently made viral news worldwide when she called out Barack Obama as being gay and his wife Michelle as being a transexual. Videographer tatoott1009 2 MIN NEWS asks in the video below if her ‘calling out’ of the Obama’s might have anything to do with Rivers’ hospitalization. ZippythePinhead j warned in the video ONLY 10 days ago that Rivers would be the next female Illuminati sacrifice!!!


THIS COMES ONLY DAYS AFTER a similar thing happened to Robin Williams, AND ONLY WEEKS after an eerily-similar prediction of fate for Fast&Furious’ Paul Walker. Not to mention several large events predicted in advance: Boston Bombings, 9/11 & 7/7 Bombings. (Links Below)

This episode was re-aired on UK tv-channel BBC3 on Aug 24 2014 – one-week before her coma, and then death. Proof of re-aired date&time:

HOW MANY TIMES is this going to happen on Family Guy with people just passing it off as a “once” occurrence, in spite of all the evidence of multiple serious cases happening, and with some just marvelling at the amazing “coincidence”?

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action” ― Ian Fleming

“4 of the largest 5 entertainment giants are now run or owned by [Zionist] Jews. Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp is the only Gentile holdout, however Rupert is as pro-israeli as any Jew, probably more so.” — Los Angeles Jewish Times, Oct. 29, 1999.
@2mins –

Robin Williams Family Guy “Suicide” Airs Minutes Before Death:
Paul Walker Death EERILY-SIMILAR to Family Guy Episode Scene before his death:
Family Guy Predicts Boston , 9/11 & 7/7 London Attacks Weeks in Advance:
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane had been scheduled to be on the 9/11 Twin-Towers Flight-11 “but arrived at the airport late”:
Fox pulls ‘Family Guy’ episode that aired featuring mass deaths at the Boston Marathon:

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