JFK Assassin Revealed: Dallas Police Officer J.D Tippit Was Real JFK Assassin – Not Lee Harvey Oswald

The patrolman was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald 45 minutes after he shot JFK
An informant claimed to the FBI that Tippit actually carried out the assassination
It was claimed officer met with Oswald and Jack Ruby a week before JFK’s killing
Oswald shot J.D Tippit through head at point blank range after assassination

An informant identified Dallas police officer J.D Tippit as the actually killer of John F. Kennedy, the newly released assassination file documents reveal.

Patrolman Tippit was shot dead by Oswald 45 minutes after he also assassinated Kennedy on November 22 1963.

According to a note sent to the FBI, an informant was told by an H. Theodore Lee in that ‘the president was actually assassinated by Dallas police officer TIPPIT’.

The informant claimed that Dallas police officer J.D Tippit was in fact the killer of President John F. Kennedy

The informant also told Lee that the information came from individuals previously active in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC).

The note also says a week before the assassination Tippit, allegedly head of the right-wing John Birch Society in Dallas, and a third party who was possibly Oswald, met in Jack Ruby’s nightclub.

Ruby shot Oswald two days after the assassination and died of lung cancer in 1967. He was found to have acted alone in killing Oswald.

The note sent to the FBI reveals that a informant H. Theodore Lee made the allegation against the police officer.

If there were two shooters, then it’s hard to imagine it could have been anything but a planned contract killing. A planned hit strongly indicates that Tippit was meant to be sacrificed. Jim Marrs is in on the same line of thinking:

“Whatever he (Tippit) was told, it appears his real role was to be killed to point suspicion at Oswald and make him a target as a ‘cop killer’.”

Joseph McBride reveals another stunning fact about the witnesses:

“Dallas oil and gas attorney Dick Loomis had his office in the same building as Lamar Hunt. Within ninety days of the assassination, Loomis bought the five houses on East 10th Street, the same side of the street where Tippit was shot, and immediately east of the driveway where the shooting occurred. This would have had the effect of removing possible witnesses from the neighborhood. It must have taken some doing to get everybody to agree to sell within such a short time. Loomis had the homes razed, and built an apartment complex in their space.”

Jack Ruby pictured here in his Dallas nightclub. An informant claimed J.D Tippit, Ruby and possibly Oswald met a week before the assassination of JFK.