Japanese Workers Amazed The World By Fixing Giant Sinkhole In Less Than A Week

Do you remember the gigantic sinkhole that swallowed a chunk of five-lane road in the Southwestern Japanese city of Fukuoka? Well, that gaping hole turned into an extremely massive one, and nobody even hoped of it getting repaired anytime soon.

And finally, the hole has been repaired. So, if anyone ever doubted the Japanese over their reputation for efficiency and speed, they should look at how they repaired this giant sinkhole in just seven days.

The massive hole measuring 30m x 27m emerged at an intersection near Hakata Station in Fukuoka.

The hole measured roughly half the size of an Olympic swimming pool.

The hole emerged during a construction activity that was going on the city’s underground network and henceforth, it caused a lot of problems to the residents of that place.

The job of repairing the hole got complicated by the flowing water which had seeped in from destroyed sewage pipes.

The whole scenario prompted a quick response from construction workers and officials.

The sub-contractors worked around the clock and filled the affected ground by sand and cement and strengthened it by a factor of 30.

The hole led to the cutting off power, water, and gas supplies to different parts of the city.

They employed pumps to drain the excess deposition of water.

And the muddy water was removed from the sinkhole. No reports of injuries were found.

It took just 7 days for them to complete the whole work.

The road was opened for the common public and it is as good as it was.

The workers were praised for their efficiency.

Just two days later, there was barely any sign that the sinkhole ever existed. Workers were appreciated for their speed and efficiency, and after that, an earnest apology was issued immediately for the disruption caused by that hole.