Jade Helm Whistleblower


“After publishing the interview with Dale Lewis, I was contacted by Dale who said that his friend who met the soldier who went AWOL was now willing to come forward and share his story. This is the audio recording with the man who was approached in a convenience store in Texas, by the soldier. This man prefers to keep his name private and is using the moniker “White Rabbit”.

I urge everyone to listen and carefully consider the possibility that a false flag attack may be about to occur in Texas. Regardless of what happens we believe that warning people is the best defense against any operation in the works. Forewarned is forearmed.” Kerry Cassidy – PROJECT CAMELOT

Ephesians 3 -10: 10 Here is the mystery made known to you, you are the holy place of which I speak and the abomination of desolation. shall rise within the walls of the temple to destroy the temple. For have you not seen and have you not heard? Has it not been made known to you have you not read the scriptures?”

For when the sons of god came into the daughters of men. they did bear children to them and they did become mighty men. Has not the sea turned mighty? And the sea shall turn terrible before your very eyes and the terrible one shall be elevated within the sea. Behold the man of peace shall come forth from the sea.

Jade Helm (Breeding- Gestation- Beast Unleashed)
(1)Kingdom Divided: Out of the Darkness & Into the Light – PART 1

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