JADE Helm First Strike: Walmart Stores From Texas To Florida Close Today For 6 Months Without Notice


As many people know, Wal-mart is not our friend. They are one of the richest corporations on the planet and they are a cabal-related operation. They treat their employees like dirt, underpay, and spy on them in the warehouse, to name a few examples.


Now these people have lost their jobs with zero notice in the stores that are closing. That’s going to hurt even more when they could barely make ends meet as it was on their meager income. Some got 2-months pay and some may qualify for severance.

Professor Doom mentions in the video below the convoy of bright-white Wal-mart trucks we saw trundling down the freeway last year with state troopers on the scene. The alternative news community picked up on it and the trolls were out in full force on FB and the news sites that said it was about the Special Olympics. They wasted no time with their scathing remarks about how we should be ashamed of ourselves for our suspicious attitude about an annual event and the generosity of Wal-Mart to help the kids.

Do you remember that?  I said it was bull, I didn’t like it, and I didn’t believe that fairytale for one second. I wear my tin-foil hat with pride.

Now this. Something’s definitely up. These stores appear to be strategically located and I don’t believe this lame plumbing story. 

“The stores are located in Brandon, FL, Midland, TX, Tulsa, OK, and at an undisclosed location in California.” 

Why “undisclosed”? They can’t tell which store has the plumbing problem? Really? Want to bet it will be in the red area on the bottom of the Jade Helm map? Right. The “hostile territory”.

This might be a good time to make SURE you are stocked up on basic food, necessities, and meds as it is looking like we are about to see SHFT. Make sure you get extra for others if you are able. I think TP (toilet paper) will be in high demand, if you get my drift.