I’ve Always Assumed This Hoover Dam Water Secret Was Just A Rumor, But This Video Is Proof It’s Real

Hoover Dam is a massive, massive structure in Nevada that helps provide electricity and power to thousands of people in the Western United States. When it comes to viral videos, they’re usually dog or cat videos or something hilarious that we can’t stop laughing at. But every once in a blue moon, we get a viral video that teaches us something unique about the world. The video here is just that sort of clip. In the video, you’ll see a young woman pouring water over the side of the Hoover Dam. Only there is just one problem. The water doesn’t pour down. And the secret behind this strange occurrence is being blown out of the water.

While pouring water usually falls toward the earth – in this case it should go down and over the dam – but when visitors try to do this experiment at the Hoover Dam they’re in for a surprise.

In the clip, as the young woman pours the water out of the bottle, it doesn’t flow downward. Instead it floats back up. This is not what you would expect given that our lives are constantly ruled by gravity.

Many visitors who go to Clark County, Nevada to visit the Hoover Dam have tried this strange experiment.

Some people have proposed some ludicrous theories about why this is happening. One is that aliens are pulling the water up toward the mother ship another claims that gravity around the Hoover Dam is messed up.

The truth is much simpler than these outrageous theories. The water isn’t defying gravity, it is getting pushed back up because of the updraft.

The water flows upward because the 221-meter tall dam becomes a wind tunnel. This dam becomes a point of strange atmospheric conditions all the way up to Black Canyon. The dam becomes a barrier that whips up wind to speeds of 50 mph on a regular basis.

The swirling winds and high pressures are a chaotic force bombarding the dam. Because it is essentially a wall, the air has no place to go but up. This is why the water can’t fall down, it simply doesn’t have the strength to stand up to the wind pressure.

A spokesman for Hoover Dam, Doug Hendrix, calls the structure a “funnel” for wind and that’s why it is so powerful and strong enough to lift water.

The updraft at the dam is so strong that it also lifts the girl’s ponytail up off her head.

Many people have taken the Hoover Dam updraft to dangerous levels. Some have tossed basketballs off the dam to see what happens. We don’t encourage you to do this because it could potentially hurt someone. But the updraft effect is quite amazing – it is almost like you can float things in thin air.

The video clip below is only 20 seconds long. But you’ll get to see the Hoover Dam updraft in action.

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