It’s Written In Your Genes: These Lines On Your Hand Indicate How Many Children You’ll Have and Their Gender

According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the lines on our hands can say a lot about our life including the number of children we’ll have. These lines lie just below the pinky and are above the so-called line of marriage. They are also known as the “child lines”, and can reveal the number of children you’ll have and their gender.


If the child line splits at the end, it means that you’ll be giving birth to twins.


According to the Chinese, deep and wide lines on the hand means that you’re having a boy.


If the child lines are shallow and short, you’re going to have a girl.

A sick child

If the lines on your hand go in circles, your child will be born weak and sick.

Problematic children

If your child line looks like in the picture below, it means that your children will be difficult to raise and problematic in their youth.

Bad physical development

If your child lines are distorted, it means that your child will have a bad physique and will be more prone to certain diseases.

Male heritage line

This line indicates the health of your unborn children – the clearer they are, the healthier the child will be.

Female heritage line

The female heritage line shows the exact number of children you’ll have