It’s True: Hollywood and Mainstream Media Are Trying To Normalize Pedophilia

The mainstream media is owned by just six corporations. While oftentimes, we hear of mainstream media advertising for the pharmaceutical industry they do much more than that.

The mainstream media works hard to shape our values and perceptions of things into what they want. This is happening for a reason and that reason is much more sinister than I originally thought. Would you want to be a part of a society in which the desire to rape or exploit children is considered normal? A society in which pedophilia is just your average hobby?

Yes, the mainstream media is working to make pedophilia normal in the eyes of the people. This is happening because tons of powerful media and Hollywood moguls are in fact pedophiles themselves. As I covered recently in another article those who own big corporations are also usually a big part of Hollywood as well. Many child stars have been coming out and making their stories known. Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood themselves have testified openly that the news and entertainment industry is crawling with child rape rings. These disgusting vultures prey on innocent vulnerable children.

Now, the way that the mainstream media and Hollywood is working towards making this normal is by using three stages in order to integrate it in. The propaganda comes to us first with the term ‘pedophilia’ being redefined as ‘attraction to minors,’ abusing language to make it sound slightly less gut-wrenchingly wrong.

The second phase that I have noticed being quite recent in a sense is that they are attempting to make us feel shame or sympathy to those who are pedophiles by passing it off as a neurological condition. We should not feel sympathy for those who want to rape or exploit children and we damn sure shouldn’t for those who actually do it. It is not a neurological condition that the person has no control over. There is no information backing this at all and it should not be passed off as fact Using phrases like “studies suggest” does not make something true. Suggested and cold hard facts are very different things.

Sympathizing with those who molest children is a form of silencing the victims. If you want to molest children you are not a victim you are someone who should be ashamed of yourself and seek a proper way to correct your moral deformity rather than demanding sympathy from others. Pedophiles are not the victim and should not be seen as such. The third means of integrating this disgusting ordeal into being normal is force-feeding the idea that it should be accepted.

When it comes to media propaganda here are a few examples of pedophile pushing:

The New York Times (Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime)- This article is riddled with ‘information’ that intends to sway people into thinking pedophiles are people living with a ‘disorder.’ Those who want you to believe we should consider these child molesters as victims are just as disgusting as those who molest the children themselves. This is not cancer, depression, or split personality disorder. This is sexually exploiting children. There is a big difference that should go without having to be said.

Salon (The pedophile I could not help: He was not a monster or a molester. The system destroyed him anyway)- This article takes the time to call the potential molester sweet and intellectually curious as if this was going to make up for the fact that he was a pedophile. The pedophile being spoken about thoughout the article is named Jacob and he was arrested for contacting a ten year old girl through a chatroom and made plans to meet up with her. While Jacob has allegedly not touched a child sexually yet he had every intention to do so. Luckily, there was no ten-year-old girl and had been corresponding with an undercover police officer. Jacob was arrested and any potential child victims were saved for the time being.

The person who wrote the article was interested in studying Jacob and intended to use his brain scans and such as means of understanding better why he was interested in children. This did not get to happen because he was incarcerated not long after. In this article, the writer goes so far as to compare pedophilia to homosexuality which is beyond incomparable. Just because someone is homosexual doesn’t mean they are going to rape someone else. Once again trying to make the pedophile out to be the victim.

The Sun (‘I’M NOT A MONSTER’ One-armed ‘virtuous paedophile’ reveals he is ‘not ashamed’ of being sexually attracted to children as young as THREE)- This article takes the cake as one of the worst I will be mentioning. This man believes there is nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to children because he is not acting on his desires. He is from Tennessee and his name is Todd Nickerson. He considers his disgusting preference as a sexual orientation.

If you are wondering about the typo in the title it is in reference to the online forum for which he is a moderator. The forum is called ‘VirPed’ which is short for ‘virtuous paedophiles.’ He sometimes refers to these people along with himself as ‘gold star paedophiles.’ This term is being used to describe people who have an attraction to children but are doing their best to control the ‘urges’ and refrain from watching child porn or molesting children.

If you take a look at the article it is without a doubt another attempt to make pedophilia more normal. There are more of these people out there than we would think. The article even goes so far as to include photos of this man (which is great because now we have seen his face) but also unsettling because of how stressed the push for normalization has become. We should not be forced to ‘understand’ these people and their lives. We need to protect the innocent children. Does the idea of someone going home to jerk off with the image of your toddler in her swimsuit sit right with you? I didn’t think so.

Vice (A Child Rape Victim on Why Society Should Be More Empathetic to Pedophiles)- This article pushed normalizing pedophilia from a victim. the victim in this. She said that when she was a child she stayed over at a friend’s house and slept on the couch while she was asleep the father came out and began molesting her and that it had happened on more than one occasion. This girl was raped on many different occasions sometimes multiple times. The man that raped her has been convicted of two counts of criminal sexual conduct with people under the age of thirteen. The article is something that should not have been written at all. Who would we write about sympathizing with

The man that raped her has been convicted of two counts of criminal sexual conduct with people under the age of thirteen. The article is something that should not have been written at all. Who would we write about sympathizing with pedophiles in the first place? This girl for some reason feels sympathy for her attacker and others, that does not mean that we should. She says that killing all of the pedophiles is not going to change her life but that is not the point. The point of doing something about these rapists is not to correct the wrong they have done it is about preventing children from getting molested in the future.

I am not going to add any more article examples in because I am thoroughly becoming more and more disgusted with the world we live in as I continue. Just know that there are tons more. How could anyone attempt to justify the things that have happened to these innocent children?

These pedophiles are not misunderstood mentally challenged people they are monsters. We should not be forced into thinking we have to accept them and we should not sympathize with them. If you haven’t gotten the chance to hear what Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood has had to say on Hollywood pedophilia please take the time to watch the videos below.

There have been many celebrity moguls reported for and some convicted of raping children, for instance, Roman Polanski who was convicted for drugging and raping a 13-year-old child and Antony Kidman who was reported for brutal child rape. Why is it that people are afraid to speak out against these people? These people are so powerful that their voices are overshadowing the real victims, the children. Some children are even too terrified to speak out against them so they suffer in silence. This should not be happening.Please do not read the propaganda being pushed out by corporate media. We as a whole, the people, are better than that. Pedophilia is not normal. It is not okay, and we will not tolerate it. We need to live in a world where out children are safe. Above all else, this is the one thing that without a doubt is necessary. If we work together we can prevent the normalization of pedophilia.