It Wasn’t Until She Got Home To Look At Her Photos That She Spotted Eerie Figure Watching Them

While you’re out snapping pictures with friends, it is hard to keep track of your surroundings. You’re probably preoccupied with sharing an attractive smile or posing well in front of the camera. And why shouldn’t you? Those photos are probably going to be published online where they will live until the internet crashes… if that ever happens.

Later, when you’re reviewing your pictures at home, you might take a closer look at where you were and how you look. In the moment, you’re busy. That’s what happened when one Reddit user by the named of SlicedUpBeef saw when she and her friends snapped a picture off a cliff hang. Now she will have nightmares knowing that she was so close to the terrifying thing…

Out on a trip on Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario, the Redditor and her friends couldn’t have been having any more fun. They were having the time of their life out in nature challenging their bodies on the hike. They made it to the top and then decided to hang over the edge for a one-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

The photos were great. But when the Reddit user asked to see the ones with her in at after returning home from the trip, she took a closer look and was shocked to death. There was something spooky lurking in the background.

As the friends and family took turns snapping pictures out on the cliff edge, they were too busy to look around and see where they were. After the trip, the Redditor got the pictures and then started sorting through them. She wanted to show her cousin the best ones.

When they compared the photos, the two cousins were each impressed. But then they noticed that there was something horribly wrong about one of the images.

It took a while to notice it, but when they started examining the trees in the background, it became clear. There was something unusual lurking in the frame. And it will give SlicedUpBeef nightmares for the rest of her days.

In the picture of her cousin, they clearly saw a figure hiding in the background. The apparition, which looks to be wearing dark trousers and a white shirt, is hidden among the trees. The place where the ghost in the woods is standing is much too steep for a human to climb. The ghost must have teleported there or passed through another dimension.

Although the Redditor and her cousin were terrified by the ghostly sighting, she decided that the haunted hills shouldn’t scare her away from returning to the sight. Because she loved the views from Dundas Peak so much, she decided to make a second trip out there – this time during the autumn months. And when she did, she got another amazing picture. But instead of it housing the image of an apparition, this image showed beautiful trees of all different colors. And it was well worth sharing on social media.