It Took This Photographer 40 Years To Discover This On His Camera

It was a bit of of a coincidence, really. In 1974 Daniel Sorine took some photos of pantomimes performing in New York City’s Central Park and didn’t think about them for quite some time. When he rediscovered them decades later, he couldn’t believe what he had inadvertently captured..

The lost photos show a couple of friendly mimes in Central Park.

ImageProxy (23)

But wait, there’s more to them than that.

ImageProxy (24)

Notice anything familiar about the guy on the right?

ImageProxy (25)

It’s a young, undiscovered Robin Williams!

ImageProxy (26)

Four years after these photos were taken, the now late actor got his big break on TV’s Mork & Mindy, and quickly shot to stardom. I can see it now: Our beloved Robin performing, in his element, as a pantomime. He must’ve been brilliant.