Israel Prime Minister’s Son Exposes Soros Reptilian Illuminati Connection

The son of Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Netanyahu, has published a cartoon to his Facebook page depicting George Soros as the puppeteer behind the Reptilians who are manipulating the masons, the Illuminati and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

The cartoon, which is now being interpreted as ‘anti-Semitic’ was posted by Yair on Facebook where he calls himself (“Hun” was his mother’s maiden name).

The cartoon seems to be a novice attempt to expose the Illuminati, New World Order, and billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

Despite the at semitic interpretations, some are claiming that the son of Israel’s Prime Minister might be ‘waking up’.

Yair Netanyahu exposes Reptilians, George Soros, The New World Order And The illuminati reports: The last part is easier to explain. The Netanyahus seem to think the public campaign against them is operated by Barak, to whom they assign political aspiration. This seems to be a paranoid fantasy, as the polls seem to suggest Israelis would prefer to.


This seems to be a paranoid fantasy, as the polls seem to suggest Israelis would prefer to be bitten by a rabid hippopotamus than vote for Barak. Yet Netanyahu senior seems to remember how Barak beat him in the election of 1999.

Eldad Yaniv is a slick lawyer, who once was a wheeler-dealer in the higher echelons of Israeli political life, and then proclaimed himself to have undergone a conversion, and exposed some scandals about Netanyahu and his milieu. Yaniv invited Netanyahu to sue him for libel;

Netanyahu never did.Yair Netanyahu posted this image of George Soros and the reptilians controlling his father and mother’s enemies.

As for Naftali, for the past 43 weeks, there have been demonstrations in Petah Tikva, demanding the Solicitor General stop acting sluggishly on Netanyahu’s myriad legal cases.

Eldad was one of the leaders of the demonstrations, but the founder was Meni Naftali, a former employee of the Prime Minister’s Household.

Naftali sued the Netanyahus two years ago, claiming he was promised a promotion and tenure but was denied them; the trial became a scandal when Naftali claimed Sara Netanyahu, the prime minister’s wife. acted tyrannically against the household workers, to the point of physically assaulting a female worker, who suffered a collapse as a result.

Naftali further claimed Mrs. Netanyahu was a habitual alcoholic, who tried to collect even the deposit money for the bottles, which were bought by the government.The Labor Affairs Court found for Naftali, confirming all his allegations.

Last week, the Solicitor General announced he is considering prosecuting Mrs. Netanyahu for defrauding the government, to the tune of some 100,000 USD. Naftali’s testimony is supposed to be a cornerstone of the prosecution.Naftali and Eldad, then, are bete noirs of the Netanyahus. But what are we to make of Soros, the reptilians and the Masons?

Well, Netanyahu Junior – who serves, inter alia, as an unofficial communication aide to his father; officially he is unemployed, but he lives with his parents and is accorded a government bodyguard and a driver at all times – seems to have copied it from an anti-Semitic site. In the original, a stereotypical Jew is running the world; in Netanyahu Junior’s fantasy (sublimation?), it is George Soros.

Soros of course is the Hungarian-American Jewish billionaire blamed by the extreme right everywhere of running the world.

The reptilians – oy. They’re a rather recent conspiracy theory, authored by English writer David Icke, which claims a race of shape-shifting lizards have taken over much of the world’s government.Icke took particular aim at the British Royal Family.

While it was treated as a joke some 20 years ago among conspiracy theorists, a poll found four years ago that some 12 million Americans believe in it. As a connoisseur of conspiracy theories, I must admit this is the first time I’ve actually seen it in Israel.

One thing is important to note: In Icke’s cosmology, the reptilians are the overlords, the Unseen Masters. By putting Soros above them, Netanyahu is going full anti-Semite: Malevolent (leftist, cosmopolite) Jews are giving the reptilians their marching orders.

As for the Masons and the Illuminati – well, they’ve been part of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories since the French Revolution. And it seems they all have just one goal in common: driving the most corrupt political family in Israel’s history out of office.

David Duke already hailed Netanyahu Junior’s cartoon, as did the ani-semitic website, the Daily Stormer. One imagines that anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists will keep talking about that time when the son of the Prime Minister of the Jewish State inadvertently exposed the secret Jewish plot to rule the world.

As befits the self-claimed “Leader of the Jewish people”, Netanyahu refused to comment on his son’s travesty this morning.

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