ISIS Pinpoints Rome As Newest “Target”

In an exclusive new report, Breitbart News revealed that the Islamic State terror group has plans in its arsenal to continue attacks against the West.

Breitbart Jerusalem obtained communications from the closed chat group service Telegram Messenger, which sends heavily encrypted messages.

Four members believed to be associated with the militant Islamist group revealed that more attacks could be coming, including areas in the United States, France and Italy. Rome was mentioned as a specific target.

An account with the name “Continuing to Grow,” wrote, “With the help of Allah, we will conquer Rome … Western infidel countries will not have the luxury of security, and today Britain was the best proof and what has yet to come will be much harder for the infidels. We will strike them everywhere in the depths of their homes. They won’t know where the blows against them are coming from.”

Another account with the name “Grandson of the Caliph” wrote, “What’s expected to come is the flooding of American, Britain, French and infidel Western countries and their allies who’ve abandoned Islam,” noting that America was at the center of plans for revenge.

Islamic State group member Omair Alusulawi, from Mosul, the capital of the caliphate, said they would work to help silence the “foundations of these infidel states.”

User Abdelrahman Albelgiqi wrote from Syria and encouraged others to not let up and to increase their blows.

Messages like this reveal just what we’re dealing with when it comes to these evil barbarians.

Rome has been a target of the Islamic State terror group from the beginning. In 2014, the group’s self-proclaimed leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, told his followers, “This is my advice to you – if you hold to it you will conquer Rome and own the world.”

These animals must be stopped.

These messages Breitbart discovered are unsettling, especially as we approach a season when many people are traveling.

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