Is This Your First Life Or A Rebirth

Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that an aspect of a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death. It is also called rebirth or transmigration, and is a part of the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence. Almost every religion of our world believes in rebirth. They say our body is new but our soul is very old.

The Idea of being reborn as someone else after death is an attractive prospect to many but for others it is downright convenience. Whatever you believe or think but the idea of rebirth is fascinating. It means you have lived hundreds or may be thousands of lives already and may be you have infinite numbers of life waiting for you in the future but what proof we have of this? How can we actually tell if this is your first life or not?

Here are some of the proofs & facts you can check and know whether it is your first life or not.

1. If You Have Some Unique Talents Without Any Training Or You Inherit Some Very Rare Disease Then It May Came From Your Previous Life (Research Of Dr. Ian Stevenson).

If you think that’s why I am like this? If you truly want to find out if reincarnation truly occurs then where would you start to look for evidence?

According to Canadian born US scientist Dr. Ian Stevenson, your first thing of inquiry should be diseases. Dr. Stevenson was fascinated by the way certain people acquire certain diseases and conditions. Whereas others from the same environment and family do not. He theorized that an unknown cause might be in play which he believed may account for why certain people have special abilities and specific emotional disturbances.

Doctor’s conclusion about an unknown process which takes place during birth.

The Good doctor concluded that there is an unknown process which takes place during birth where personality or memory is transferred to you from another body at the moment of death. The doctor was fully careful to note that he was not fully committed to the idea of reincarnation because no physical evidence exists.

However he was willing to say that reincarnation was the best explanation available for this mysterious accusation of human traits. It is very interesting that majority of people who believes in reincarnation are of religious prospective.

Dr. Ian Stevenson was a man of science and instead of using reincarnation to explain what happens when we die, he was using it to answer questions about living human body.

The real interesting thing is that in 2015 which is eight years after Dr. Stevenson’s death, science finally have proofs that some human experience do transfer between beings.

2.  Historic Trauma. If Your Parents Or Grandparents Have Experience Some Great Trauma In Their Lives Then There Is A Chance That It Is Hard-coded In Your DNA. You And Your Children Will Also Fear From Similar Things.

If your parents, grandparents or great grandparents or beyond have ever experienced some great trauma in their lives then there is a chance that this is hardcoded in your DNA.

This was the major finding uncovered by researchers at mount sinai hospital in 2015. When a genetic study of 32 people revealed that terrible experience can be passed down through the generations.

The study’s subjects were all former inmates of a certain type of camp during a certain world conflict. They had an awful experiences in their lives which clearly affected them deeply. It turned out that this trauma also impacted their children and will continue to their many generation which are still to come.

Researchers found that when a brutal event takes place, many of your chemical tags change.

Scientists have found that when a brutal event takes place then changes are made to the chemical tags attached to your DNA and these amendments are passed through the generations.

Famine, pollutions and even poor diets are capable to altering these tags & it is found that some Memories and personal behavior can also be transferred.

Our memories and genes are transferred. If these can then why not the consciousness. May be we are part of same world which is going through ages.

3. Past Life Regressions. An Attachment to Certain People Or Place Or Certain Birthmarks.

One of the more dubious aspects of the reincarnations is the idea that everyone remembers their past seems to been a person of importance. Whenever someone is hypnotized to inhabit the mind of their former self, they are always a king or knight.

Dr. Ian Stevenson interviewed hundreds of ordinary children who claimed to have past life memories. When he did this, he found most of them have physical defects such as deformed fingers or birthmarks and interesting thing is these marks and defects matches up the tales of their past lives. Children who said they were shot in their previous lives had birthmarks where exit wounds were. Children with wrapped fingers had stories about losing them in past lives.

These stories could be matched with real life deaths of genuine people from that area. So, are these children liars or all humans live continuously?

4. Biocentrism. It Is A Theory That Consciousness Creates Universe Not Vice Versa.

This theory holds that whatever it is which keeps us aware and alive is so important that reality could not exist without it.

Rebirth plays an important role in this theory as it offers us the most logical explanation of where our consciousness goes after death?

Theory of Sir Roger Penrose on how soul leaves the body after death.

Work of Sir Roger Penrose provided a fascinating story of how soul lives body after death. According to his theory reincarnation would not work as you expect.

Rather than your conscious life taking place within another body it would instead start out in whole other universe.

At the point of your death, your consciousness moves on to inhabit a new body. However, he said after death you do not come back as new identity but come back as yourself in another parallel universe. What are you supposed to achieve are entirely different issues all together. But if this theory is accurate them consciousness should not be able to die.

There is another theory which links biocentrism with reincarnation. It adds the idea of simulated reality into the mix. If the human race exists inside a prefect construction made by an advanced being, then this would make our bodies vessels to store information which would transfer data to other vessels after death like hard drives.

This fits with biocentrism which rejects the importance of physical reality and instead values human consciousness. If our reality is fake then our consciousness must have been implanted into this reality somehow. If so then it means it could be transferred between bodies. Sometimes this transfer does not work properly and you gets flashbacks.


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