Iowa Farmer Claims Bill Clinton Had Sex With Cow During ‘Cocaine Party’


During his 1992 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton allegedly had sexual intercourse with cattle off of Tom Brady’s family dairy farm.

The family farm which was owned by Tom Brady’s father at the time, Willow Brady Jr., was often visited by the Clinton family when they were in the area.

“My dad and Bill Clinton’s step dad were like brothers. They often visited us on the holidays when I was a kid. Bill even knew the cows names by heart. That always surprised me” recalls the 64-year-old, third-generation dairy farmer.

“ My father was a strong Democratic party supporter all his life and a big Bill Clinton fan, so I never found the strength to tell him the truth before he passed away ”

– Tom Brady, dairy farmer


Dallas, a 2-month-old calf, is the great granddaughter of Lucy, a dairy cow that is presumed by Tom Brady to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton in 1992 during a ‘cocaine party’

Sex, drugs and cattle

During the 1992 Iowa caucus, the Clinton campaign stopped by for a night of festivities at the Brady’s farm, a night Tom Brady says he will never forget.

“The Clinton team came by and we drank a lot and all was merry before they started indulging in hard drugs, that’s when everything went wrong” he recalls, visibly distraught by the whole affair.

“I don’t know about all those stories about him sexually assaulting women, but I sure as hell know he assaulted one of our cows because I was there and I saw him do it with my own eyes and believe me, it’s not something I’d wish my worst enemy to live to see” he told local reporters.

“I’m sorry for the Clinton family, but as a God-fearing Christian, I just had to let the truth be known” he adds.

Bill Clinton has been personally accused publicly by seventeen women of sexual misconduct between 1972 and 1997. The former US President also admitted to having had an “inappropriate relationship” with Monica Lewinsky while she worked at the White House in 1995 and 1996.