Introducing Weed Wine You Can Now Get High and Drunk At The Same Time


Human beings are known for their fondness of drugs and different substances. So much so that some people even consider themselves experts on particular ones.

We all have our different preferences, even though some are still considered illegal at this point.

For those of us who like marijuana, the war being waged over legalization has had some victories recently, and we’ve begun to see tiny glimpses into a world where marijuana isn’t persecuted, but celebrated.

And what better way to celebrate the liberation of marijuana than by creating a marijuana-laced wine that gets you high and drunk at the same time!


This new wine, which is being called Canna Vine, is commercially produced by winemakers in the state of California. However, there are a few caveats.

At the moment, only those with medical marijuana cards will be able to purchase this product (weed isn’t fully legal in California yet).


But, California will be voting on a recreational marijuana measure come November, so that could change.

The only other downsides to this product include the hefty price, with half a bottle ranging from $120 to $400, and the fact that you can only find it in California.


Those of you who can check off each of these points on the list of requirements can start figuring out how to get your hands on this innovative new substance.

As a person who loves both wine and marijuana, I can only support this idea!