Interview With Alien Exposed: Conversation Goes Really Deep, Really Fast

Ever since its creation, Area 51 has been filled with speculation as to what is actually going on there. There have been countless theories and guesses what is conducted on the inside. Speculations ranging from Extraterrestrial presence to the construction of our own UFOs. Whatever hidden truths lie in the top secret facility, it is known that no one is allowed to be anywhere near the area. No pictures are allowed, and even the president himself is on a need to know basis, and cannot walk onto the premises without reason.

This video was released in 2016, of a supposed interview that took place on Area 51 base back in 1964. The video shows what appears to be a form of extraterrestrial life that claims to have traveled thousands of light years to observe present day operations of earth due to the destruction of evidence. The intriguing thing is that he claims to be from earth, an evolutionary descendant from our distant future. The being in the video shows us that there is still a lot of information out there that we are not yet capable of comprehending. Knowledge of life’s bigger questions.

If it is fake or not, we are still centuries away from being able to understand the discoveries of this being’s time. Try to think beyond ourselves, and this time period. It is proven that the universe spans billions of light years away; the equivalent of an atom in our bodies. With our lifespan of roughly 80 years, how can we for confirm what is going on outside of the galaxy, our planet even.

Whether you believe what is in this video or not, it shows a harsh truth about our world and how mankind is currently evolving. It sheds a light and possibly even a new perspective on some major topics like time and space travel, religion, the existence of God, origin of our universe, political dogma, our extinction, death and even nuclear warfare. Take a look at the video and see for yourself: