Internet Conspiracy Suggests Eminem Died Years Ago From A Drug Overdose

Apparently, Eminem died in 2006 from a drug overdose. Personally, I don’t believe this internet conspiracy but there are some interesting things you can point out. Eminem is worth millions, if not billions of dollars. Did the government pay big money to create a Marshall Mather’s doppelganger?

After you read this conspiracy, watch this video below that proves Eminem is 100% alive and NOT cloned. Thanks

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In 2005, Eminem went into a drug rehab for sleeping pill addiction, then the  following year his friend Proof died. This, I believe, depressed Eminem and, as a result, he kept very low key for a couple of years before releasing his Album Relapse in 2009 followed by Recovery in 2010. When Eminem returned he was different man he looked younger, he looked in shape and his fashion style had a dark punisher vibe. Eminem went from a Detroit wigger who would wear baggy jeans, fitted hats with durags to a punisher with a new all black fashion sense.

Around 2012 I decided to compile pictures of Eminem just to see the changes he has gone through. At the time I was doing this I did know that he “sold his soul”  like most of the main stream artists, I did not know how bad his situation was and how it happened. After learning about the existence of androids from a documentary called American Androids and compiling hundreds of Eminem pictures, I deeply suspected and eventually was sure enough about what happened to him to make a public video stating that, indeed, Eminem had been replaced by multiple doubles/clones  and then finally replaced with an Android which is a synthetic programmable human which lacks genuine emotions.

The first video I created was titled Eminem died 100% Proof in 2012. That first video went viral and is no longer available on youtube. Seeing its success I decided to do 8 follow up videos about Eminem being dead. I received tons of Eminem died video responses which you can still find on YouTube today. My video series went on to receive over 2 million views. I became a somewhat popular YouTuber in a span of 6 months but I was mostly despised and didn’t have any real supporters, only people who wanted to see what I would say next.

My channel was eventually flagged down mysteriously. Luckily I had a backup channel which people found and I received hundreds of emails about Eminem and the more I went deeper into my initial 2006 replacement theory the more I realized that Eminem was replaced not in 2006 or 2001 but in 1999. People who listened to Eminem died 100% videos know that I am known for using lyrical proof. Most people ask me how I know what lyrics to take seriously and which ones to discard because Eminem does says a lot of crazy shit as a shock rapper. What I say to those people is that an artist tends to express or paint a picture of their lives through their music. The easiest way to identify which lyrics an artist wants you to take seriously is if the lyrical content is a recurring theme in their songs. In addition, you can look at the person’s real life behavior, their current lifestyle, and their childhood background. So when Eminem says that he had a bad relationship with his mother, he loves his daughter, and he sold his soul to the devil then its most likely true. On the other hand, Eminem saying he swallowed grenades, killed people, or that his mom gave him a food stamp for a pack of cigarettes and book at the news stand, obviously is not true. Let’s look at a quote by the replacement Eminem in Spin Magazine:

Like that cloning thing they’re doing — they should

hurry that up. Then I’d be able to do movies and rap
and produce at the same time and run a label and rip
my hair out.

Finding this quote was a turning point in my research. I asked myself why he would say that out in the open. Well I believe he was telling the truth because he was a replacement or look alike and he was waiting for the higher ups to finish the clone. Yes I know it sounds crazy but let’s look at what his friend Proof said in his song titled Fall Back.

The Devil’s in the next room. Guess who sparks life

out test tubes Special delivery clone vessels.

I’m at a point where it’s not up for debate whether or not Eminem is dead. People in my circle or who follow my work right now are only debating when exactly he was replaced. Now everyone knows that, when an artist is signed, he records hundreds of songs of which a select few are drafted onto the final album. Following that logic we can understand that the real Eminem wrote the entirety of the Slim Shady LP and all his remaining songs were scattered throughout his later albums which could explain the following lyrics from his song which was released in 2006 called Public Enemy #1.

I sense someone’s tapping into my phones why do

I got this feeling in my bones I might die soon
As I stand before you in this booth a walking dead
man Blank stare dead pan look as my face as I gaze
into space As I wait to be scooped up in that van
Mysteriously disappear into thin air.

After listening to Public Enemy #1 I said to myself, “Did Eminem really write that song in 2006?” Well obviously not; Eminem wrote that song a long time ago or perhaps the double just wanted to create fake drama . Either ways, I was enraged because I never heard this song before and never thought to get the album Re-UP because it wasn’t an Eminem only album. Little did I know that my enragement was about to multiply 100 times fold after someone sent me the song Canibus did called Dead by Design where Canibus raps:

You scream for hardcore, I felt it But what you gon’ do

when they kill me on some Eminem and L shit?

What more proof do people need that Eminem is dead and has been replaced? Well let’s look at what the fake Eminem says in the following songs. In the song Cinderella Man he raps:

Send da feller Shady dane came to wrap the game up

in cellophane, Raise hell from hell he came,
But didn’t come to bore you with the Cinderella story,
Nor did he come to do the same

In the song The Monster he raps:

Nobody’s home, I’m sleepwalking’ I’m just relaying

what the voice in my head is saying Don’t shoot the
messenger, I’m just friends with the…

In the song Rap God he raps:

So you’ll be Thor and I’ll be Odin You rodent, I’m

omnipotent Let off then I’m reloading Immediately with
these bombs I’m totin’ And I should not be woken I’m
the walking dead But I’m just a talking head, a
zombie floating.

In the song Evil Deeds he raps:

While I plant these evil seeds Please release me from

these demons I never had any of this shit planned ma,
please believe I don’t wanna be Satan’s spawn, never
got the chance to say I’m sorry

Some people may listen to the Public Enemy #1 Song and say he is rapping about iTunes and September 11th so that can’t be the “real Eminem”. Well you’re right that isn’t the real Eminem rapping. As I stated before the original Eminem wrote albums worth of material but was released in later albums as  re-recordings of the songs with additional rhymes about current events or current associates. It’s also possible that they seized the real Eminem’s rhyme book or recordings and created songs from it, or the imposter was told to re-record and make  incomplete songs into full songs or simply create completely new songs with the “I fear for my life theme”. Ask yourself when did Eminem become Public Enemy #1 in  2006? Why were Darling and Be careful what you wish for being released in 2009 as bonuses? The conclusion that makes the most sense is that these are re-done songs by the imposter that the real Eminem may have recorded fully or incompletely. Now if you listen to the song Demon Inside you’re going to clearly recognize that, that is the real Eminem and you will also find out it is not a full song. Now let’s look at some recent freestyles the replacement Eminem has done and how he has repeatedly exposed the fact he is a replacement. In the video uploaded in  2010 titled “Westwood – Eminem freestyle Radio 1”, at 4:23
minutes he raps:

News flash I’m still trashed them pills should have
killed my ass but they didn’t just made stronger like
they rebuilt my ass like the 6 million dollar man after
the crash.

I thought that was bad but when I heard this following
freestyle I almost vomited from disgust. In the video uploaded in
2009 titled “Eminem – Freestyle with Tim Westwood [Complete] –
HQ” at 27 seconds in he raps:

I wasn’t born mean I was push to treachery I walk
the streets looking for some puss to fetch me. I’m like
a veggie brainist turn from mush I’m edgy. Edgy
enough to give Reggie Bush a wedgie. If he don’t give
me kin things could get messy. So pass that ass to me
let me squash the left cheek and press against the
right one till it squash against me and leave a dead
body in the woods to Mc.

I understand the whole bit about Eminem being a shock rapper but these lyrics are going too far. The freestyle he rapped about him being still trashed and how he feels like he was rebuilt like the 6 million dollar man is very telling. This current Eminem is a fraud who knows he’s a fraud and is gleefully shoving it in our faces.


If you are a person with just one eye you can still clearly see this man has been played by different people throughout the years. All of Eminem’s features has changes throughout the years, such as his ears, nose, hairline, facial bone structure, and even the size and shape of his head. Below is a preview of some of the images of the impostor I have collected.

If Eminem died it would be on the news! I have heard all the rebuttals you can think an Eminem fan could use to argue the case for the original Eminem not having been replaced. Now we keep in mind that these people who are using these rebuttals, for the most part, do not understand reality and already have made their minds up and will scoff at any information you send  their way. When backed into a corner they will resort to asking for Eminem’s dead corpse or a news report that confirms his death and replacement. These types of people I call “zombie slaves”. Let’s look at the first argument which is “your ear structure changes with age”. This argument can quickly be shot down because anyone who takes 2 minutes to do some research will see that your ear structure- meaning the creases and folds that make it unique does not change. See for their article . also has an interesting article you can read . The Telegraph recently wrote an article titled “Ears provide new way of identifying people in airports” you can read the entire article here.

Some people will argue that cloning humans is not possible, and ask who would do it and why would the government waste money cloning a rapper? This is a very ignorant argument but you can easily debunk the cloning aspect by sending that individual a link to Popular Science and CNN. Explaining who and why someone would clone a rapper is  not so easy. Although personally I would simply say to the person that they replace celebrities all the time to control the masses, also money is not issue for the elites who are running this operation. That explanation for most people who want to argue will not be enough so I wouldn’t even bother explaining  any further. Another popular argument is that a clone would look the same or the clone would still be young and not the age that thereal Eminem should be. This type of argument is based on what  they have seen in movies and perhaps in mainstream science.