Interesting Facts About Your Eyes That Will Stun You

Your eyes are literally the lenses through which you view the world. “They are one of your most important senses and still we take them for granted. If your eyesight is deteriorating, please make sure you try contact lenses.”
. Whether you have perfect 20/20 vision or you require the assistance of glasses, your eyes are one of the greatest biological marvels in the world. Listed below you’ll find amazing facts about your eyes that will absolutely stun you.

Your eye is the fastest muscle in your body.

You’ll hear athletes talk about training their twitch muscles in order to get their reaction time up but nothing reacts faster than the human eye. You can have the best diet programs in the world, but you’ll never react quicker than the fastest muscle on your body — your eyes. The speed of your eye plays such an important role in life and, in particularly, sports that require hand-eye coordination — like baseball. In the ‘blink of an eye’ indeed.

Brown Eyes are Blue Actually.

Here’s an interesting fact for all you brown eyed folk. All brown eyes are actually blue underneath the pigment and as a result, there is actually a laser procedure that can turn your eyes from brown to blue permanently.

The human eye can distinguish an incredible range of colors.

If large quantities of anything tend to send you to the anxiety self help section of the book store then you might want to skip this fact. Apparently, the human eye could discern between ten million different colors. This means that your eye is capable of picking apart an incredible amount of unique little differences. With that being said, we hardly know the names to 20 different colors.

If you collected a lifetime worth of eyelashes it would measure…

…over 98 feet! That’s an insane amount of length considering the average human eyelash is a quarter as long as your little pinky finger. For what it is worth the average eye lash will only last above your eye for around five months, fewer if you like to glam yourself up with make up often. Though these little hair follicles are delicate, they sure do a lot of work to keep you happy and healthy.

Your eye color can relate to your alcohol tolerance.

If you love beer and happen to have blue eyes then you should be feeling pretty good about yourself! Studies have shown that people who have blue eyes tend to have a higher tolerance to alcohol versus those with other eye colors. This doesn’t mean that you are somehow a superhero or that the calories from alcohol won’t alter your weight loss programs. So, as always, drink in moderation!

Eyes began their evolutionary process 550 million years ago.

The eye, especially that of the human, is among the most fascinating and amazing objects in all existence. Looking at the human eye and how it functions can make you believe in a higher power, if you are so inclined. With that being said, conventional science has traced the development of the eye in animals, in its very basic form, all the way back to 550 million years in the past. Talk about eye popping!

Information Overload.

Did you know that your eyes process around 36,000 bits of information per hour?! Not only that but they also focus on about 50 things per second! Your eyes can process a ton of information.

There is a blind spot in your vision that you don’t notice.

If you’ve learned anything so far it is that your eyes are incredible. Did you know that in your eyes there is a tiny blind spot back in your retina from the attachment of your optic nerve? This blind spot is rendered invisible because both of your eyes work together to fill in the blind spots of the other.

Your eyeballs will not change size.

From the day you are born until the day you pass away your eyeballs will not change in size at all. The rest of your body will grow and diminish at an amazing pace but your eyeballs will stay completely consistent. The eyes you have now are the same ones you had in the crib as a child, crazy to think eh? In fact, the more we dwell on this the more we feel like an anxiety disorder treatment is the right thing for us. Why won’t they change? Why? We kid. Kind of.

Eye transplants at this moment are not possible.

You can change your body the best weight loss program on the market. You can get treatment for anxiety to help change your brain chemistry. You can even get plastic surgery to fundamentally change how your face looks. However, you can’t get an eye transplant at this current time. The sensitive connector between your eye and brain, the optic nerve, is too fickle to survive a transplant. We’ll stick with getting contact lenses if we want a new color.

Eye fatigue is related to two very common activities.

It makes sense but you probably haven’t thought of it like this. Did you know that when you read or use your computer that you tend to blink less? This leads to you incurring eye fatigue at a faster rate. When you aren’t reading or using your computer you average about 12 blinks per minute. This number rapidly declines during the aforementioned activities. So if you start to feel fatigue at your desk take a break from staring at your screen.

Your eye is the strongest ‘camera’ in the world.

We get pretty excited when new digital cameras come out touting how many megapixels they can capture images with. However, when we compare the finest digital camera in the world to the human eye the camera will come up woefully short. Scientists found out that your eye is equivalent to about 576 megapixels — that’s some high definition!

Blindness is a global issue.

While we think of blindness as a more rare problem to live life with, it actually isn’t. Around the world there are an estimated 40 million people who suffer from blindness. An additional 240 million suffer from some sort of visual impairment. Of that 240 million number, almost 80% of them could have prevented their visual impairment or gotten it fixed with an eye doctor.

Your eye is perfectly defended by your face.

You probably don’t put too much thought into how your eyes rest in your face, but they evolved into that position for a reason! Your eyes exist in sunken hollows so that they are more protected. Your eyebrows keep sweat from dripping into your eyes while your eyelashes prevent other contaminants from entering your sensitive ocular area. That’s some nifty defense that you don’t even think about on a day to day basis.

Color blindness affects babies at a startling rate of…

…100%! Did you realize that all babies are born completely colorblind? In fact, not only are babies colorblind at birth but they also lack the ability to create tears until they are almost 6 weeks old. While a newborn baby definitely can cry, trust us, there will be no actual waterworks until their second month of life.

This amazing predator has a cornea most similar to a human.

The shark! The cornea from sharks is most often used during surgery on the human eye as it is built in the most similar way. Is this pretty surprising? Yes. Does having a shark cornea used in your optical surgery make you part shark, or something? Not really. We imagine that there might be a closer match in certain kind of primates but they are protected from usage in this sort of field — and for good reason.

All blue eyed people are related.

At least if you go back far enough. Right now scientists have narrowed down the roots of all blue eyed people to a person almost 10,000 years ago who lived by the Black Sea. Does this mean that you shouldn’t date someone with blue eyes? Well, no. 10,000 years of separation is more than enough to save you from any ‘brother husband’ jokes. In a way, we technically are all related if you go back long enough. So, marry away blue eyed people — we want more of you!

Heterochromia can give you two different colored eyes.

Occasionally you will see someone with two different colored eyes. Typically this means that they were born with heterochromia, a mutation that changes the melanin level in each eye. The mutation is pretty groovy, we hear. Some famous individuals with heterochromia include Max Scherzer, Alice Eve, and even Robert Downey Jr.

Look Deep into My Eyes.

Turns out that humans and dogs are the only species out there known to seek visual cues from another individual’s eyes. But dogs only do this when they interact with humans.

The Look of Love.

When you look at someone you love, the pupils of your eyes expand as much as 45%. How adorable!

Shades of Grey.

We are not referring to the book or the movie when we’re talking about shades of grey! We mean it in the literal sense. Our eyes can actually distinguish between 500 shades of grey. Whoa.

Always Active.

Think about this, other body parts take time to “warm up” to their full, useful potential but your eyes are always active. 24-7 in fact.

World Traveler.

In an average lifetime, our eyes see 24 million different images. Doesn’t matter if you’re never left your small town or only traveled once in your life, your eyes see things that sometimes you haven’t even registered yet.

As you’re growing.

Your eyes actually started to develop only after two weeks you were conceived. Whoa.

One Rule.

You know the phrase, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye,” comes from Ancient Rome. Here’s the kicker though, the only rule they had in their bloody wrestling, Gladiator fights was, “No eye gouging.” Go figure.

Eye Color Determines Personality!

Scientists in Sweden and Scotland have found that eye colors can totally determine personality, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is totally up to you. If you’ve got brown eyes then you’re a natural born leader, loyal and respectful. Blue eyed folk are extremely strong, not just physically but mentally and emotionally; more often then not, people judge you before they even know you. If you’ve got grey eyes then you’re a bit of a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde character.

Those with hazel eyes are found to be independent, confident, and spontaneous. Finally those with green eyes are considered alluring, sexy, and mysterious (well then). Not sure if I agree with all of that but who can argue with science?

Eye Contact

If you’ve ever wondered how long to keep eye contact with someone, then listen up. When you first meet someone, the perfect amount of time to hold eye contact is 4 seconds. The reason why, is so you know what color eyes they have. Interesting!

So What About Glasses?

It’s kind of obvious but you see with your brain and not your eyes. Sounds weird but it’s true. Often times, blurry or poor vision isn’t the fault of your eyes at all. But rather the cause something wrong in the visual cortex of your brain.


Did you know that you actually blink about 12 times every single minute? Ahh, don’t think about it…you’re thinking about it. Oh yeah, your eyes are also 1 inch across and weigh about 0.25 ounce. Weird.

100 Million

Around 2 percent of all women have a rare, genetic mutation. This mutation allows for them to have an extra retinal cone in their eyes! And guess what this mutation allows? It allows for them to see 100 million colors. Whoa.


There are actually colors that are just too complex for our eyes so they are known as “impossible colors.” AND, the human eye can only see three colors. Yeah, three. Red, blue and green. All of the other colors are merely combinations of the three.


We might just assume that all tears are made up of is water but it’s actually a whole lot more complex than just water. There are in fact three main components that make up tears, fat, mucus, and water. All three of these ensure that tears won’t just evaporate. Sounds really weird and kinda gross.

Totally Unique

We know that fingerprints are all totally different but did you know that a fingerprint only has 40 different characteristics while an iris has 256! This explains why so many places are opting to use retinal scans for security purposes versus fingerprints.

That Healing Power

Your eyes heal realllly quickly. With the proper care, it can take just a mere 48 hours for the eye to heal from a corneal scratch.

Eye See

Each human eye contains some 107 million cells, and ~every single one~ is light sensitive.

One in 12

Did you know that one in every 12 males is color blind? I know, crazy!


We already told you that you blink 17 times per minute, but get this. That amounts to 14,280 blinks times per day, and 5.2 million blinks per year. Whoa.

If you’ve got green eyes – you’re pretty rare.

Turns out that if you have green eyes, you’re pretty special. Green eye color is actually the rarest color found around the world, and it is estimated that only around 2% of the world’s entire population has green colored eyes. Crazy! Green eye color is the result of a mild amount of pigmentation in the eye with a golden tint. Beautiful though.

Backwards and Upside Down

This fact is so cool. So the images which our eyes send to our brains are actually sent backwards and upside down. Huh, how funny.

Five Months.

Say what now? Each eyelash has a lifespan of about five months. Now, ladies, this is good news cause it means you should plaster on however much mascara you want, you’re gonna lose those eyelashes anyways!


Turns out that the Mayans honestly believed that cross-eyes were incredibly attractive, and would make every effort to ensure that their children became cross-eyed.


Pirates are so totally cool. So much so that they used eye patches to allow for their eyes to quickly adjust from above to below deck. They would have one eye trained for the bright light and the other eye for dim light, respectively.

Sixty Five Percent.

We did say your eyes worked super hard and super quick. In fact, eyes use about 65% of your brainpower, which is more than any other part of the body.