Incredible! You’ll Never Believe How You Can Use These Items


There are some things in our house which we just take for granted and never stop to think we can use them for something other than what they were originally designed for. I don’t know about you but I find great joy when I find some additional use for the common household items. It can save you time and money and make you feel good about yourself. The list of things we can use for a different purpose is a mile long, everyone has got some experience and idea to share, but here are my top 5 favorite items with numerous side-uses which all of you have at home. Feel free to expand my list by adding your own experiences in the comments below.

Dryer Sheets

We all have and use dryer sheets, but do you use them for anything else other than the dryer? Here are some creative ideas for the dryer sheets which you haven’t thought about, and the best thing is that for most of them they don’t have to be new.

If your casserole burnt a bit you can put a dryer sheet and soak it with water. It will remove the residues effectively

Eliminate and prevent bad smell from just about anywhere, even your shoes

Clean the soap deposits from your bathtub or shower

Put it in your drawer for that fresh just washed smell all the time

White vinegar

You probably know that white vinegar can be used in a million ways around the house and if you’re anything like me, you probably adore the person who invented it. Cleaning your house with vinegar is the best way but here are some other ideas about vinegar and how to use it.

It can help with athlete’s foot, sore throat, ear infections, itching and acne

It eliminates body odor

It removes chewing gum

It can cure hiccups

Freeze some vinegar with water and grind it through the garbage disposal to eliminate the bad smell

Aluminum foil

It can be a very useful tool around the kitchen, we all know that. If you wrap the edges of a pie in foil you’ll get the perfect crust, or line the grill with some foil with poked holes to stop the meat from cooking too fast. If your scissors aren’t sharp enough cut through a few pieces of foil and your problem will be solved. But here’s how you can use it outside the kitchen.

If you’re painting your house wrap the door knobs to keep them clean

If you have rust on your bumpers crumple a piece of foil and rub the rusty spots, it will fall off.

If you have radiators, wrap a piece of plywood in some foil and put it behind the radiator to spread the heat in the room

Polish your silverware by lining a pan with some foil add cold water and a pinch of salt and soak for three minutes. Rinse them and dry. Done in less than 5 minutes

Rubber gloves

I have a dog that sheds a lot, and I celebrate the day I discovered rubber gloves. Put on the gloves and wet them with water a bit. Rub them against your furniture to remove all the dog’s or cat’s hair. You can also use them if you are having trouble opening a tight closed jar, it will give you a better grip (dry gloves for this of course).


We should brush our teeth with toothpaste, right? Well we can also clean with it, apply it on our face and deodorize.

  • It can remove pimples
  • It can polish nails (nails are pretty similar to teeth)
  • It can deodorize your car (put some in some paper and stuff it under the seat)
  • It can clean walls, jewelry, chrome faucets, shoes etc.
  • It can remove the smell of fish or garlic from your hands