Incredible Pirate Treasure Discovered In Jamaica


A team of american treasure hunters searching the Jamaican waters for ancient shipwrecks, has uncovered the greatest stash of precious metals even found in the modern era. The amazing hoard, certainly linked to a group of pirates operating in the area in the 17th century, was discovered in the remains of a badly damaged English ship named The Manticore,  near the limit of Jamaican national waters.

“It was just the most amazing experience” explains Rick Miller, one of the divers who found the treasure. “We were swimming around this old, completely rotten, English sloop. We saw something shine in there and decided to have a look. There was gold and silver everywhere! A treasure like the ones I had always dreamed of… I couldn’t believe it!”

Considering the weight of the precious metals alone, the treasure  is evaluated to an incredible 187 million american dollars, making it the most valuable hoard ever discovered. Many semi-precious and precious stones like amethyst, opal and jade were also present in great quantities, and have been recovered. The total value could possibly reach 500 million dollars if sold at auction.

Miami Treasure Co., the american contractor who made the discovery, finds itself obligated to pay 8% of the value of the discovery to the Kingston government, but the profit of the operation should remain very important. A formal evaluation of the hoard should be completed in the next weeks by the famous British auction house, Christie’s, to determine the actual value of the discovery.