In Your Survival Plans, Have You Forgotten Spiritual Preparedness?

Most of the talk on preparedness these days focuses on food, water, emergency  medical supplies, sleeping bags and similar items. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s limited to the scope of being ready for things that happen when you’re alive. But this life is just the blink of an eye in the larger perspective of spirituality and the survival of your conscious soul. As journeys into the afterlife have revealed to us, there is an afterlife beyond this life, and our actions here on Earth are judged by the Creator.

What have you done to prepare your soul for the afterlife?

This isn’t a joke question. We all focus on the survival of our physical bodies here on Earth, but relatively few people consider the survival of their eternal souls beyond this realm. That’s strange because the world beyond this life is actually far more REAL (and eternal) than this life here on Earth (which is often described as a “training ground” or a “simulation” or a “dream”).

Whether we live or die through the next Earthly preparedness crisis, the truth is that we all pass on to the afterlife sooner or later. That fact is inescapable and thus warrants the consideration of every conscious being living today.

Judgment Day will be here before you know it

According to nearly every world religion as well as many well-documented afterlife experiences, upon our passing beyond this physical world, we will be judged according to the decisions and actions we pursued during our lifetime. This judgment will reflect the degree to which we have lived our lives with love, humility, compassion and other fundamental traits of virtue. Those who have lived lives primarily dominated by the pursuit of greed, power and deception will be judged in a negative light (or darkness, as it were).

Belief in the afterlife, importantly, is not a requirement to be judged in the afterlife. Regardless of a person’s beliefs during their Earthly lifetime, they are nonetheless judged according to their free will actions. Denying the existence of the Creator, in other words, does not in any way provide a “free pass” for your behavior on Earth. (This is going to come as a great shock to those who have lived lives full of deception, greed and hatred for the Creator.)

Furthermore, there is no spiritual entitlement program whereby souls are automatically handed out benefits that they did not earn. Each soul must earn his or her own outcome, and in order to determine that, the entire lifetime of actions for each individual is recorded as a spiritual record.

This record is much like a log file of every action, decision, experience and thought that you had during your life. The totality of this record reflects the virtue of your true character.

How would you be judged right now?

Here’s a valuable question to ask yourself: If you died today, how would you be judged right now for the life you’ve lived so far?

If you’re like most people, you may want to start eating superfoods so you have a longer life in which to make up for all the terrible things you’ve done. (You’ll need the extra years!)

In the mean time, here are ten steps to spiritual preparedness that help ready you for Judgment Day.

Ten steps to spiritual preparedness

#1) Recognize there is a Creator and that the universe is not an accident

To deny the existence of a Creator is to deny your own true origins (and therefore to deny yourself). Embracing the existence of the Creator and the magnitude of what has been created around us (the entire physical universe) is the first step toward spiritual preparedness.

#2) Admit your ethical failures and ask for forgiveness

Being human, you have made mistakes in judgment and action. This is part of the human experience and does not doom you to Hell. You must, however, admit your failures (sins), ask for forgiveness, and then earn that forgiveness through dedication to virtuous action.

#3) Pursue a life of virtue

This is the next step after forgiveness: Earn the life you are living by honoring the universal laws of virtue and love.

#4) Embrace humility

Arrogant souls do not fare well in judgment before the Creator. Humility is the only appropriate posture for a spirit granted the opportunity to experience the profound experience of life as a human being. Only someone who does not understand who they are and how they came to be can live with arrogance and pride. No soul focused on pride and egoism can achieve redemption.

#5) Shift focus away from material wealth

The pursuit of material wealth is childish and demeaning to your soul. To live a life focused on the pursuit of such wealth — and to seek to “show off” such wealth to others — is a sign of an immature soul stuck in the mindset of an immature child. Preparing your soul for judgment means casting off the pursuit of materialism and instead focusing on achieving non-material personal growth that simultaneously serves the greater good of the universe. While money itself is not evil, and it can be used to help raise awareness of others, the pursuit of money for the sake of material wealth is a great failing of many Earthly souls.

#6) Practice compassion for all living things and serve in the protection of life

Along with arrogance usually comes a disregard for the conscious experiences of others. To be considered a soul worthy of pious status in the afterlife, you must open your heart and practice compassion for others. Importantly, this does not merely mean giving away material wealth and attempting to “buy” your way into God’s good graces. The heartless distribution of money is no virtue. Real compassion is found in teaching others, mentoring others, educating them and providing personal assistance in ways that transcend mere money.

#7) Disconnect from those distractions that pollute your mind: TV, alcohol, psychiatric drugs and addictions

There are many so-called “soul traps” that attempt to prevent you from achieving spiritual preparedness. Those traps may be chemical (alcohol, recreational drug use, psychiatric drugs, etc.), behavioral (sex or gambling addictions) or even cerebral (television addiction, worshipping false belief systems, etc.).

Soul traps must be overcome through conscious recognition and effort. No one can do the work for you; each individual soul must overcome his own soul traps and transcend the weakness or vulnerability that previously held them back. For example, a person who finds himself addicted to alcohol must overcome that addiction through personal choice and deliberate action in order for personal growth to occur. If they are somehow forced away from the bottle and denied the opportunity to choose that path on their own, no spiritual growth occurs.

#8) Eat for spiritual clarity: Consume foods from Mother Nature, not synthetic laboratories

The consumption of synthetic processed foods is a sin in the eyes of the Creator. That’s because Mother Nature has already placed foods for nourishment all around us. To deny the value of those foods (plants, superfoods, fruits of the Earth, etc.) is to deny the gift of life on this planet and all that it entails.

Rejecting foods made by nature and instead consuming foods made by Man is actually a worship of Man and the evils of Man: Genetically modified foods, chemical sweeteners, artificial colors, and so on. Consuming such items is a literal worship of Satanic forces, and because you are what you eat, to consume such foods made with the intention of replacing nature’s seeds is to literally rebuild your body out of molecules of pure evil.

#9) Spend more time in nature and embrace the miracle of the natural world

Time in nature is time spent with the Creator. The more you venture into nature, admiring the wisdom and complexity of creation, the more you heal your soul and connect with the divine.

In contrast, living in artificial, man-made environments (i.e. cities and office buildings) separates you from the marvels of nature and distances you from the experience your soul desires. This is why, throughout human history, “wise men” (and women) have always ventured into nature to gain clarity and spiritual connection.

#10) Help raise the awareness of others

It’s not enough to merely raise your own level of spiritual preparedness; true redemption involves helping others find their path to redemption as well. This does not mean arm-twisting people who aren’t ready to embrace reality, of course. It’s far better to meet people where they are spiritually and then invite them to explore new directions when they are ready.

This effort might consist of creating content (articles, videos, etc.), mentoring someone in need, having one-on-one conversations with friends or family members, volunteering at a local church or spiritual group, and so on.

Dedication to a life of virtue

How much time is necessary to prepare your soul for the reality beyond this one? The short answer is your entire lifetime.

There is no point, in other words, where it is okay to stop acting with love, compassion, humility and service to others. Such a personal philosophy of behavior should become a permanent feature of our day-to-day living if we truly seek redemption.

Because to depart from that dedication is to invite evil into your life and your soul. You can’t say, “I’m going to practice love and compassion Monday through Friday and then commit evil every Saturday night.” Evil which is knowingly and consciously committed cannot simply be washed away with an equivalent act of good. That kind of “gaming the system” may allow you to fool yourself, but it doesn’t fool God.

Similarly, there are some members of the Catholic Church who commit sins every week and then ask for forgiveness via confession, with the intention of committing the same sins the following week. The idea that church is a place where you can dump your negative karma and then proceed to engage in the same self-destructive behavior with a kind of “spiritual free pass” is flatly false.

At the same time, living a life of evil and destruction and then asking for forgiveness on your death bed the moment before you expire is also not sufficient to redeem your soul. That’s why we would all be wise to start a program of spiritual preparedness right now if we are not already living one. Each day that we have remaining in our life here on Earth is a day we can use to earn a position one step closer to the redemption of our souls.

Some who are already engaged in a lifelong routine of compassion, love, humility and working in the service of the Creator can expect to be judged as “worthy souls,” complete with whatever rewards are deserved. Others are on the right path but need many years of service to work off the spiritual debt they owe due to destructive behavior earlier in life.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of redemption, it is wise to start NOW moving in the right direction, because you honestly can’t know how many days you even have remaining in your life on Earth.

Prepare your physical body to survive the physical world; and prepare your soul to survive the spiritual world.