Illuminati Symbolism In Music and Sport’s

What to expect when researching Illuminati symbolism

When researching the Illuminati you are going to come across a lot if information from many conflicting beliefs and opinions. As a writer I will remain objectionable and focus on Illuminati symbolism in popular media and more precisely Illuminati symbolism in music and music videos. If you tend to be on the paranoid side you may want to remain in the dark and maybe read about sports or celebrity breakups. This subject matter is not to be taken lightly and should be pursued with caution. With this warning said it is time for you to decide.

What to Look For

Illuminati symbolism can be found in movies and music alike. While there is Illuminati symbolism in the music itself, most of the symbolism in the music industry will be found in album covers and music videos. It’s possible that the symbolism is just easier to identify in the visual art. I will focus as much as possible on both representations when possible and identify what could be interpreted as Illuminati symbolism and why.

For example, you will find a lot of “artists” blatantly hiding one eye in videos and on album covers.

Illuminati Music Infiltration


Michael Jackson With 666 Hand Sign

In all likelyhood he didn’t know what this meant. He was probably “posed” like a puppet.

Soulja Boy Illuminati Tattoo

According to scholars, the pyramid with the top removed is the official symbol of the Illuminati.

Jay-Z is no Stranger to Illuminati Symbolism

Another Sell Out!

EMINEM’S Illuminati Connection 

Lil Wayne

BABY a.k.a “Birdman”

Nicki Minaj

Drake and Illuminati

Ke$ha Illuminati 

Rihanna Illuminati Puppet

The screenshot clearly shows the one eye Illuminati imagery along with trans-humanism references.


Christina Aguilera

Justin Bieber



Rick Ross before he sold out to Illuminati on the left, picture on the right after he made the deal  with them

Wiz Khalifa

Kanya West is also their Poppet 

Kanye West  jewelry

So is Kanyes wife Kim Kardashian


Lady Gaga Illuminati Imagery Mash-up

Various images with Lady Gaga showing who her allegance belong to

Lady GaGa wearing satanic baphomet goat-head symbolism.

If you look up any of her album covers or promotional materiel you will be sure to come across a lot of material that could be considered Illuminati imagery. She seems to be the main puppet for their schemes these days. What do I have to say about that?

Willow Smith 

 Miley Cyrus

Monarch butterflies represents brainwashed and a change

Justin Timberlake 



MC Lyte 

Selena Gomez

Nelly  Furtado

Tokio Hotel 

Marilyn Manson 

Young Marilyn with his role model, The church of Satan founder Anton Lavey.

This guy had breast implant but changed back, And burned bibles in concerts.
He is promoting bi-sexuality, One of his band members was arrested for child-molesting.
So yeah, Since he is working for Satan, He is working for the Illuminati.

Bam Margera 

Bam Margera is an American television personality associated with MTV and the Jackass television show and movies. He is also a professional skateboarder. Bam Margera was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania on September 28, 1979. He is the brother of Jess Margera, drummer of the band CKY.

Bam and Missy recently got some ink together. Missy with a nice Owl Tattoo, and Bam with a rather unique tattoo.

Bam’s wedding tattoo, which reads “Sigillum Diaboli” in Latin, which means “Devils Seal”.

Rest of  “JACKASS” crew

Steven Tyler 

Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997) 

Joe Rogan with La-Vey Junior

Dave Navarro

Bono from U-2

Johnny Depp 

Illuminati Videos That Matter

Sport Athletes and Freemasons Symbolism 

Photo surfaced  of double Olympic, World Championship gold medalist and world record holder Usain Bolt sporting what looks like a free mason ring on finger and making an “A OK” symbol.

Shaquille O’neal

Lebron James: The Illuminati Sports Puppet

The evidence of this is literally mind boggling.  At the end of EVERY national anthem sung during a Cavaliers game, Lebron is seen pointing to the air, throwing up the Roc-A-fella diamond (pyramid), then throwing up the “3 sixes” hand gesture.  Everytime.  But here’s the interesting part: He’s only been doing it within the last two years of his career, which is around the same time frame of when he and Jay-Z have became so close.  Here is some video footage of Lebron’s occult hand signs.

LeBron changing his number to “6”
 Lebron’s relationship w/ Jay-Z & the elite