Illuminati Pentagrams Hidden In Plain Sight

One of the more common Illuminati Symbols found hidden in plain sight world wide is the Pentagram. The Pentagram is best known for its use – inverted – in occult and Satanic rituals. However it can be found in many variations, right side up as well as inverted hidden in artwork and on buildings.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both believed to be Illuminati Elite, appointed a freemason to include a pentagram in the layout of the nation’s Capitol.

Below Are 10 Illuminati Pentagrams (Hidden in Sight)

1: Illuminati Pentagram overtly displayed on building in Hannover, Germany.


2: Eljaröd Church, Tomelilla Municipality, Scania, Diocese of Lund, Sweden.


3: Exterior of Cathédrale Notre-Dame (Rose windows of Amiens Cathedral)


4: St. Merri’s Church Paris France (Église Saint-Merri)

If you look closely you will see the inverted pentagram on top middle section of the stained glass.


5: U.S. Army Medal of Honor (Congressional Medal of Honor) 1944

This inverted pentagram Illuminati symbol was found in U.S. Office of War Information, 1944.


6: French Combat Insignia with Illuminati Pentagram Symbolism


7: Illuminati Symbol Pentagram Coat of Arms Family Wappen Schaffhausen


8: Illuminati Symbol Pentagram Temple of Jupiter


9: Illuminati Pentagram Symbol on Portal to a Gothic Church


10: Illuminati Pentagram Symbol on Building in Moscow