Illuminati Council of 13 Member Caught On Tape Gloating Nobody Can Touch Him


On Stew Webb recently dragged out old recordings of an Illuminati Council of 13 member, Leonard Millman, to gives you a little taste of the pure evil of a man reportedly worth more than $70 Trillion at the time he died.  Once he died, those assets flowed to other members of the Council of 13 such as H.W. Bush and Larry Mizel, drug kingpin of Denver Colorado that openly brings in drugs by the tons right into the Denver airport each week under a Russian diplomatic cover according to Stew Webb’s sources!  The FBI and DEA aren’t interested in stopping these drugs of course because they are part of the game and are being bribed to look the other way!

Stew got involved in the Illuminati because he unknowingly married into the Illuminati by marrying the daughter of Leonard Millman – Kerre Millman who you will hear on the first part of this interview.  She tried to kill Stew’s daughter Amanda with an ashtray and then fled the state of Texas illegally with Amanda and ran home to Daddy who bought off a judge with a $75,000 campaign contribution and got an illegal order to bar Stew from ever seeing his daughter!  To this day, Stew has never been able to see or talk to his daughter because of the illegal actions of Leonard Millman and his daughter.  Stew will be taking his ex wife to court very soon and put out this material so his daughter could learn the truth.  You can hear the pure evil in her voice as she delights in the fact that her daddy paid off the judge to let her steal Stew’s daughter.  She admits she has “covered all bases”!  Pray that she is brought to justice for these insidious crimes against Stew who was illegally put in jail for 10 months based on her false testimony.  Later all charges were dropped!

In the second taped phone call at the 24:00 minute mark you’ll hear the Illuminati Council of 13 member, Leonard Millman himself!  You can hear the evil in his voice as he repeatedly says “What are you going to do if that doesn’t work!”   as he gloats that he is above the law because he has paid so many bribes to the corrupt legal system and government agencies that shield him!  This is a very emotionally charged series of phone calls you’re not going to hear anywhere else!  The fakes in alternative media that are serving as “controlled opposition” won’t even mention the names of Leonard Millman or the still operating Larry Mizel (worth over $100 Trillion)  that sits in the Council of 13 of the Illuminati!   Larry Mizel has been allowed to operate secretly for all these years – very few people know he’s worth over 100 TRILLION and has stolen so much from America!

At the 36:00 minute mark, you’ll hear a very interesting interview with Darlene Novenger, former FbI operative that was killed along with many members of her family because she found out that George H.W. Bush and Jeb Bush were drug dealers and drug users among many other shocking revelations you’ll hear in that section.