If You’re Bad At Math, It’s Because You Didn’t Learn These Simple Tricks


If you ever tried to split a bill with friends at dinner, you probably realized they’re sort of lacking in math skills. Sure, the blame is somewhat on those of us who are still so mathematically inept for not paying attention in class as much as we should have. However, it would have been a lot easier to stay awake in class if what we were taught was as easy to remember as the tricks below. Even if only one of these tips make sense to you, you’re bound to feel like some sort of a math genius. I know I do.

1. How To Figure Out Multiples Of Nine

2. How To Multiply Large Numbers In Your Head

3. How To Figure Out Multiples Of Nine

4. How to Add And Subtract Fractions

5. How To Multiply By 11

6. Secret To Remembering The Numbers In Pi

7. How To Figure Out Percentages

8. How To Find Fractions Of Whole Numbers

9. How To Convert Fahrenheit To Celsius

10. How To Remember Which Sign Is Greater Than And Which Is Less Than

11. How To Deliciously Improve Your Math Skills

I have to say that, as helpful as they all are, I think the last one is my favorite. Who cares if I get a brown smudge on the test paper? Anything to get that passing grade!