If Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying, Make Sure You Check The Feet

It can be heartbreaking to hear a baby cry, especially when it goes on for a long period of time. The initial reaction is to hold and comfort the little one, but some people say you should leave the baby alone and let them cry. As you’ll see in the next slides, you should definitely go in and check your baby’s feet and not ignore the situation.

#1 Babies Cry

When you’re a new parent, it can be difficult to hear your baby cry, and they do cry a lot. It can be because of hunger, nurturing, or for no reason at all.

#2 Initial Reaction

As a parent, you want to help them and hold them until they feel better. If only they could use their words already. Some people tell parents they should let their baby cry it out.

#3 Don’t Ignore It

Scott and Jessica Walter’s baby had been crying all day. They tried everything they could think of to comfort her and make her feel better, but she persisted, and the crying got worse.

#4 They Took Off Her Socks

Jessica decided to take off her baby’s socks to give her feet some freedom and hopefully make her feel better. That is when she noticed something wrong with one of her toes.

#5 Discoloration And Swelling

If you look closely you’ll see a hair that got trapped inside the baby’s sock and wrapped around the toe which could have ultimately causing pain and cutting off circulation.

#6 Hair Tourniquet

This is called hair tourniquet and is actually quite common. The swelling and pain is practically unbearable for a little baby and can lead to amputation if it is not caught in time.

#7 Just In Time

Scott and Jessica were able to quickly resolve the issue using some tweezers and a magnifying glass. Had they not checked their baby’s feet, the problem could have gotten a whole lot worse.

#8 Always Check Your Baby’s Feet

So, if your baby won’t stop crying, don’t ignore it! Check your baby’s feet just in case there might have been a rogue hair wrapped around the poor little toes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry to ensure your kid grows up with 10 fingers and 10 toes.



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