If You Were Looking For The Most Hypnotizing Video Ever, You Have Found It


I love seeing art forms shift and become something new altogether. This hypnotizing method of object manipulation makes me think what if poi and static juggling had a baby.

Watch Gustavo Ollitta use nothing but two s-staffs painted black and white to showcase his phenomenal skills at Buugeng. The stripes on his staffs create easily captivating optical illusion known as ‘visual kaleidoscope’. Ollitta has brought international attention to this fairly new form of juggling. His videos (much like this one) and web presence are turning Buugeng into a trending subject.

The first appearance of Buugeng was on PBS in 1991, but the ball didn’t get rolling for Michael Moschen until 2001. Moschen has worked with Cirque du Soleil, won the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant, and was the contact juggler behind David Bowie’s amazing performance in the film Labyrinth. That’s right, the juggler crouched behind Bowie anytime the goblin king is twirling those glass balls invented this art form.

The slow but confident spinning of the staffs shows remarkable control. Olitta creates and collapses shapes in the blink of an eye. The way that his highly contrasted props never stop their movement means I never wanted to look away.