If You See A Woman Wearing A Ring On Her Pinky Finger, This Is What It Means

When a person gets engaged, people around them pay a lot of attention to the ring. However, who says a woman needs to wait for someone else to give them a shiny rock? Engagement rings are wonderful, but they shouln’t be the epitome of your worthiness of love.

This is what engagement rings symbolize:

A commitment to wed

A partner’s sense of belonging

However, there is another way to show love, which is why a lot of women have started wearing a ring on her pinky finger.

It means that she’s chosen herself. It is a symbol of self-love among women to show the world how much they love themselves.

And of course the ‘self-love’ ring isn’t just any ring. It’s a diamond heart ring that’s specially designed.

Because it’s a beautiful skill to be able to love yourself independent of a partner, the ring represents a celebration of you.

Many women are getting their own pinky rings and wearing them proudly.

In this day and age, singleness is nothing to be embarrassed about and a pinky ring let’s women express their feelings about it.

Along with the ring, there’s a contract that reads ‘I [your name], pinky promise to honor myself, to choose myself, to remember myself, on a daily basis.’

The cost of the pinky ring is about $150 for sterling silver and $325 for yellow, white or rose gold.

Seriously though, could these rings be any more gorgeous?