If You Notice A USB Sticking Out Of The Wall In A Street Be Careful – This Is What They Are For

If you take a look at walls in alleys and streets, you may notice a USB in them. People can load anything they want onto them and this has made some dangerous exchanges all around the globe.
There is an experiment in NYC that is called Dead Drop. It’s an anonymous peer-to-peer file-sharing network that was created by Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl in 2010. The term Dead Drop comes from times that have long passed when information was on paper and needed to be hidden in loose bricks or under a flagstone.

Upon opening the file, the user can use either load what is already there in their memory or add something new and leave it for the next scavenger. Bartholl claims that anyone can install their own “Dead Drop,”

“Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop into a wall, house or pole to share your favorite files and data. Each dead drop is installed empty except a readme.txt file explaining the project” he wrote in a description of one of his videos.

However, if you do this you need to take great care because who knows what you are plugging in your device, it could be some malicious software you are downloading, but also it could be some very useful information, so you do it on your own risk. “This is part of the concept and part of the game … Be aware of that! Secure your system! Boot a virtual machine! Or ask your friend to go first .”