If You Let A Jar Filled With Salt And Water Sit Overnight – Here’s How It Helps Your Health

We’ve been told all of our lives that salt is bad for us – but that’s not necessarily the case! When applied in the right way, salt can help with a number of  your body’s most frustrating conditions. Even though WebMD says you only need a tiny bit of salt in your daily diet, you can use it for things besides eating, worry-free!

From cleansing your intestines to exfoliating your skin, salt can be used to help all different parts of your body! In fact, Livestrong explains that Himalayan Crystal Salt, specifically, has a ton of powerful health benefits like regulating blood pressure, controlling muscle cramps, smoothing nerve transmissions and helping your heart function properly.

Gargle Salt Water For Your Pesky Cold

We’re starting with the basics! To get the best results from a salt water gargle, mix a half-teaspoon of salt in an 8-ounce glass of warm water and stir until the salt is completely dissolved! Fill your mouth with the salt water and gargle for 5-10 seconds. Doing so can relieve even the worst scratchy throat!

Irrigate Your Sinuses

Flush your backed up sinuses with a solution comprised of a half-teaspoon of salt and a half-teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of room temperature distilled water. If you don’t have distilled water on hand you can use boiled tap water – be sure to let it cool until it is lukewarm before squirting it up your nose. The salt water and baking soda mixture will travel through your nasal passages and into your throat. When this happens, spit out the solution through your mouth!

Exfoliate Your Skin Naturally

For flawless summer skin, just mix one teaspoon sea salt with four ounces of warm water in an extra spray bottle. Mist the solution on your clean, dry skin – be sure to cover sensitive areas and avoid spraying your eyes! You can use this mix once or twice daily to remove all leftover dead skin!

A Relaxing Detoxifying Salt Bath

Everyone loves a calming bath! To make your own detoxifying bath salt mix, combine a one cup of Epsom salt with two cups of baking soda. Slowly add the mixture into the tub as you fill it with warm water! Now you’ll be ready for an hour-long soak in your bathtub. So grab your book and candles, and jump right in!

Cleanse Your Intestines With Sole

Another great way to include salt into your life is through “sole,” or a Himalayan Crystal salt water mix. Sole has been used for centuries to stimulate your metabolism and digestion, flush heavy metal toxins out of your body, reduce cravings, balance acid-alkaline imbalances, normalize your high blood pressure, and most importantly, to cleans your intestines!

To use sole for your own intestinal cleanse, pour 1 cup (or enough that there’s an inch or two at the bottom) of Himalayan Crystal Salt into a glass mason jar. Then you need to fill the rest of the jar with distilled water! Let the mixture sit at room temperature overnight. The following morning, check to see that there is still some salt at the bottom of the jar – if all of the salt has been soaked up by the water, you need to add more!

Finally, mix one teaspoon of the sole solution with your early morning glass of water. You’ll want to drink the solution first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (once every few weeks) for the best results.

Important: Not everyone needs the same amount of the sole solution. Your body and your taste buds will tell you exactly how much sole you need in your glass of water. To figure out exactly how of the solution to use, taste the water after you mix in the sole. If the mix tastes too salty for you, dilute it with lukewarm distilled water until it tastes right. If it doesn’t taste salty enough for you, add a half-teaspoon to the mix until it tastes perfect!