If Alcohol Bottles Were Honest This Is What The Labels Would Say

The truth hurts. It hurts even more when it’s coming from one of the world’s most popular escapes from reality. As funny as these seven shots of candor are, they just might make you take a serious look at what you’re ingesting on the weekends (and those pesky days before them).

Whether they make you yuk or yack, there’s no denying how spot-on these are. This round is on us.

1.) Whiskey


2.) Tequila


3.) Jägermeister


4.) Rum


5.) Wine


6.) Vodka


7.) Cinnamon Whiskey


Ugh. I think I’m getting a hangover from all of that honesty. How is it that these bottles of liquor know our habits so well? It’s sad, but true. Share these hard-hitting truths with others by clicking on the button below. Cheers!