I Thought It Was Weird She Glued Pennies To Her Daughter’s Shoes, But When I Found Out Why?


A lot of people have large change jars somewhere in their home. These repositories are nice to collect our coins in one place, but more often than not, pennies tend to dominate the bulk of the volume. The reason for this is not only that pennies are the lowest denomination, but that people don’t want to use pennies anymore. It actually costs more for the United States to produce a new penny than a penny is worth, meaning they are literal black holes of value. However, just because they may be as good as obsolete in a monetary sense, there are still a lot of things that pennies can be used for with the help of a little creativity. That’s exactly what one mom did with her spare pennies.





Knowing her daughter’s love for dancing and playing, she decided to take some of her old pennies and glue them to the bottom of her daughter’s play shoes, and the results were amazing. The shoes were transformed into make-shift tap shoes, giving her daughter an extra level of excitement during her play time. You might think the sound would be overwhelming, but it was actually quite pleasant to both her and her daughter. It wasn’t too different from the sound of actual tap shoes.





Creative mothers like this one will always find a way to bring a little extra joy to their children with whatever means they have at their disposal. More parents should take a cue from this nurturing woman.