‘I Spoke To Aliens’ Woman Tells Of Bizarre Encounter After UFO ‘Tailed Her Car’

A WOMAN shockingly claims to have made contact with aliens after a bizarre incident in which a “flaming UFO” reportedly followed her car.

The woman said she and her 10-year-old son encountered an object following them along a rural roadway, near Mexico in Missouri.

She claimed a flaming UFO followed above her car before shooting off and stopping in front of them.

It was at that point she attempted to speak to its alleged crew.

In a report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), based in the US which investigates UFO reports, she said: “As I was driving north, I noticed ahead of me, and to the left of the road, a fiery image about treetop level.

“The fiery image moved from its location left of the road and instantly appeared on the right side of the road.

“I knew then it was a UFO due to how quickly it manoeuvred direction. I was then driving east with the UFO following me to my right – about 100 feet higher than my van – and it stayed maybe two car lengths ahead of me.

“The UFO seemed to be traveling the same speed as I was, which by then I had probably slowed to about 40 mph.

“After about 30-45 seconds of following us, it instantaneously appeared about one-quarter mile ahead and to the left side of the road. It was stopped and hovered above a grove of trees.”

After about four to five minutes of wondering what to do, the witness decided to attempt to communicate with the object.

She said: “I said, ‘I know that you can hear me because you all are a lot more intelligent and advanced than we are, so please just go on and leave us alone.’”

After about 10 seconds, the UFO moved away at “lightning speed in an upward and south-easterly direction” and disappeared from view.

She added: ““The entire time of the sighting, I encountered no traffic in either direction. However, as soon as it disappeared, there was traffic again.

“I have since regretted that I didn’t try to make better communication because I would like to communicate with them. Evidently, they were seeking me out, but I just had no idea of their intent.”

But she did get a view at the UFO.

She said: “It was disc-shaped with a seemingly darker band around the centre of it and a lot of fire from the underneath.

“Either the flames below were so bright that they illuminated the craft or the moonlight was such that I couldn’t get a good view of it (or both).”

The woman sent her report to MUFON 40 years after the incident in June 1977.

Missouri MUFON State Section Director Charles Frieden is investigating the claims.