I Had No Idea You Were Supposed To Do This At Least Once A Month With Every Refrigerator


When it comes to never-ending chores, keeping your house clean is at the top of the list. While laundry and dirty dishes can be tackled one day, they always accumulate the next day and the next. There’s just no way around it, we need to user our kitchens, our bathrooms, our clothes, and they all need to be cleaned in turn.

We all know that we should clean a little bit every day in order to avoid a huge cleaning process later. If we clean our dishes after each meal or put them in the dishwasher, we won’t have to sit in front of a sink loaded to the brim. The same goes for laundry, vacuuming, and dusting. A little bit more frequently and you won’t have to work as hard at once time.

But even if you keep your house immaculately clean, you might be missing a few hidden spots. Today we’re going to share 4 hidden spaces that can collect mold, dust, and a bunch of other unsightly stuff.

If you don’t check these four hidden compartments regularly, they can easily accumulate a lot of disgusting dirt and debris. Even if you’re cleaning your home, you’re probably missing these spots.

The first place you need to check is the condensation pan underneath your refrigerator.

You probably don’t even know this thing existed. At least I didn’t. So after doing my research and taking it off, I was overwhelmed by the dirty buildup that had accumulated there over the years.

This tray, also known as the drip pan, is at the bottom of every fridge. It collects moisture and is the unofficial breeding ground of bacteria in your household. To avoid this problem, clean the condensation try once every month. Then it’ll be as good as new.

Next you’re need to wash the rim around your washing machine. This is the rubber lip that helps make the door close tightly. This spot is forgotten so often it’s a problem.

Do your clothes smell like mildew even after washing them? Then you’re probably running loads with this disgusting rim all dirty and moldy. Besides that, it might even be hiding your lost articles of clothing like socks.

Lift back the rubber fold and clean with a wash cloth and to make sure you haven’t lost any socks in there.

When is the last time you cleaned under the bath mat? This oft forgotten space is the perfect host spot for bacteria and mold to grow.

You’ll know if it is time to clean this area if there is a dark discoloration under it when you lift it up off the tub floor. Just use some bleach to scrub under it to kill those dangerous particles.

If you have a young children, have you thought about cleaning inside the bath toys? These items trap water and then grow mold. Sippy cups are also home to a lot of bacterial growth.

Let your child’s bath toys dry out in between uses. If your child is still putting bath toys in their mouths, you need to make sure they’re cleaned frequently.