I Had No Idea I Was Using These Tiny Ketchup Cups Wrong All This Time


If you’re a regular at McDonald’s, you know that they serve their ketchup in push bottles that you squirt into little white ketchup cups. These cups have little folds in them and are used in numerous fast food chains across the country, not just McDonald’s.

After watching this short video tutorial, I’m kicking myself for not knowing this sooner. I’ve ordered burgers and fries from McDonald’s more times than I can count, but have always missed out on this simple trick. And because I love to dunk the side of my burger into ketchup before taking a bite, I’ve been doing it wrong all along.

As you’ll see below, if you don’t do this to your ketchup cups every single time, you’ve been using them wrong all your life. Here’s what you need to know…

Not long ago, Crazy Russian Hacker loaded up his camera and filmed a video about ketchup cups that has since gone viral on YouTube.

In the video, he does a simple experiment involving those white containers found at McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants. He simply wants to discover if there is a better way to use them. And the answer is a resounding yes!

As he describes, most of the time one of these ketchup cups is not enough to get you through your meal. You usually need two or three of these filled to the brim with ketchup in order to satisfy your taste buds. Is that true for you?

“What if I told you you’ve been using it wrong?” the Crazy Russian Hacker asks. “You can actually save the earth after doing a little hack to it you can fit twice the amount of ketchup.”

And he is absolutely right. As you’ll see in the nearly 3-minute video, he breaks down the process and shows you how to use these ketchup cups better.

Now you can not only get more ketchup, but use fewer of these cups and therefore create a positive environmental impact. Less trash equals a better world.

At the 45-second mark in the video, he shows you what you need to know to get twice as much ketchup in these little buckets.

As you see, he pulls the sides of the ketchup cup apart. This gives it a wide mouth making it easier to dip your fries and the sides of your burgers.

With this ketchup cup hack, you can use just one bucket instead of two. Not only is it a lot easier to carry, it also creates half as much trash.

Here are the benefits of using this McDonald’s ketchup cup hack:

1) Easier to carry

2) Easier to dunk in fries

3) Easier to dunk burger into ketchup

4) Creates less trash for the landfills

This video tutorial has been viewed more than 11.5 million times. If every viewer put this hack into practice at least once, that means there were 11.5 million fewer ketchup cups thrown into the trash. This really does make a difference.

Here’s what some people had to say:

“I didn’t skip any folds and I went to McDonalds and tried to fill it up”

“I think it is a great idea because it does make you use less and waste less.”

“i want to hug you so bad bro you are awesome because you do stuff i did and made my life alot easier Thank You!!”

“I use a cup lid for my ketchup”