I Found This On Google Maps and Zoomed In and It’s Stranger Than You Can Ever Imagine


In the Egyptian desert, in the Sinnai Peninsula, you can see this from Google Images, but what exactly is it?


It is called the End of the World Cinema. The cinema consists of 150 worn-out seats, broken screen foundations and a ruined building which housed the projector and generator.


The project was the idea of a Frenchman who bought the cinema parts from a theater in Cairo.


One photogropher that took photographs there stated “On a sunny day at the very beginning of this millennium, a crazy Frenchman found himself in the desert of Sinai. After some puffs of a magic smoke he wondered – how come there are no cinemas in the middle of the desert? He flew back to Paris and arranged some money. After that he went to Cairo to buy original seats and projection equipment from an old cinema theater. Then came back to Sinai, arranged a generator for electricity, and a monstrous tractor to pull up the screen that was like a gigantic sail. And now more or less everything was ready for the premier.”


Unfortunately, the local officials were not pleased with this outdoor theater. It was built without permission on their land. So, unfortunately on the premier night, an accident happened to the generator which ruined the opening. And now, it sits, vacant. And unfortunately, a movie has never been played there.