I Dropped A F*cking Bomb On His Head & I Don’t Care – Cop Caught On Video Bragging About Killing Man

City of Key West offers $900k settlement to family whose loved one died in police custody.

A family is mourning the death of their loved one, Charles Eimers, who died at 61-yrs-old in police custody.

The City of Key West has agreed to settle the case with the family for $900k, although that will never bring Charles back.

The family was horrified to hear that a recording caught Officer Lovette saying “we killed him so you don’t have to worry about it,” and “I dropped a fucking bomb on his head” — referring to Charles’s death.

“We’re all going to be investigated now,” he adds.

Police claim that Charles “fled from them” in his PT cruiser.

They claim he got out of his vehicle and laid down in the sand.

It is at this point that Charles was killed by police, according to the lawsuit.

Officer Lovette was suspended for five days after the incident.

But the suspension has nothing to do with Charles’s death, according to police. They claim that he died for “health-related” reasons having nothing to do with them.

Officer Lovette was suspended, not for killing Charles, but for saying that he did, giving the family the impression that he did something which he actually never did.

According to police, Charles collapsed on the sand after exiting his vehicle once the chase had ended.

But the video shows Charles holding his hands in the air and intentionally get on the ground as police approach him with guns drawn.

“I watched the video, and I had no words. Everything that I was told while I was here was a lie. He was murdered by those officers,” Treavor Eimers, who is Charles’s son.
It is believed that police pushed Charles’s face into the sand until he suffocated, according to reports.

Indeed, a video was later released by a tourist which shows Charles’s face covered in sand and bleeding from his ears.

How “health-related” issues can magically make sand appear on someone’s face is a mystery. It seems much more probable that this elderly man died after police were pushing his face into sand, cutting off his oxygen, and Tasing him continuously.

“They tased him in the neck,” said one witness, “and after that he didn’t move – he was out. Then they rolled him over and started compression.”

“I was about 30 feet away,” said another witness independently.

“I saw him [a police officer] taser him [Charles]. He didn’t lift the taser from his chest. I could see his legs jerking when they were tasing him… it lasted a good 6 minutes…”

Watch the videos below and let us know what you think.

The first video shows Charles exiting his vehicle with his hands up, contradicting police reports that he “collapsed” immediately to the ground.

The next video shows Charles’s face covered in sand, bleeding from his ears as if he had been pushed down and electrocuted.
The final video captures Officer Lovette admitting “I tased a motherfucker in custody today. I don’t care!” while he didn’t know he was being recorded.