Human Or Not? Mysterious Creature Sparks Internet Frenzy In Indonesia

An unusual figure appears in Indonesian forest which may be proof of a lost, legendary tribe. There were dramatic scenes in Jakarta recently when a high profile bike tour took a disastrous turn when a rider fell from his bike in shock when a figure emerged from the forest which some have speculated was not a human being.

The incredible moment when the Banda Aceh-based motor trail group met the mysterious figure in Indonesia’s most western province was caught on camera. The video clearly shows the lead rider falling from his bike in fright as a human-like figure, who is considerably smaller than the average person, appears suddenly on the track ahead bearing a wooden stick as though it was a weapon.

The individual in the track stopped and observed the bikers for a brief moment before tearing off into the forest. Individual bikers attempted to track down the figure after he ran away, but despite the fact that they were on motorbikes and the figure was traveling on foot they were unable to catch up with him. The figure managed to elude them by darting into shrubbery vegetation and was last sighting disappearing into the deepest thicket of the forest.

The video was posted online where it has attracted a huge amount of attention and speculation. While some people have suggested that the figure was some kind of supernatural being, others have suggested that he could have been a member of the legendary Mante tribe. The Mante tribe are believed to be an ethnic group who have inhabited this region of Indonesia for a long time. There has been no anthropological investigation attempting to contact the tribe and they have never sought out contact with other people living in the area. Owing to the fact that nothing is known about these people, it is commonly believed that they are nothing more than an urban legend. However, the emergence of this video may call this into question.