Human DNA Found In Hot Dogs


A private food testing lab called Clear Food is ramping up with a project it says will publicly post scores for foods based on whether the food composition matches the label. Sadly, this lab wants to be a “friend” of the food industry and won’t be testing for GMOs, pesticides or anything not listed on the label. They’re not even releasing the brand names of the hot dogs contaminated with human DNA!

In its first big announcement, the lab tested hundreds of hot dogs and veggie dogs and found some very disturbing things.

For starters, it found human DNA in hot dogs. “Two percent of all samples were found to have traces of human DNA in them. Veggie dogs were the worst off, accounting for 67 percent of the hygiene issues and two-thirds of the human DNA found,” reports Yahoo News.

The fact that human DNA is being found in hot dogs might mean Bob fell into the meat grinder again. More likely, however, it just means that people working on these food lines aren’t wearing beard nets or gloves. It’s interesting that most of the problems were found in veggie dogs, which are positioned as being healthier than meat-based hot dogs. Apparently, veggie dogs aren’t 100% vegetarian because they also contain some human parts.

According to the Clear Food report, 10% of vegetarian hot dogs contained meat. Sadly, Clear Food refuses to name which brands were contaminated!


The problem with Clear Food

As the lab director of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, I’m always excited when I see more private labs cropping up and getting into the business of testing food. But Clear Labs seems to have already surrendered to the food industry and won’t be testing for GMOs.

Clear Food “does not want to alienate industry,” reports Food Quality News.

“…we don’t want to alienate industry,” said Mahni Ghorashi, co-founder of Clear Labs. “We are not a consumer watchdog organization.” So they’re not even naming which brands were contaminated. Wow… they censor their own science to protect the worst offenders! How can they call themselves “Clear” when they won’t even tell consumers which brands were contaminated?

That’s too bad, because it means this company is going to be giving high scores to all sorts of toxic, genetically modified foods made with hydrogenated oils, cancer-causing sodium nitrite and HFCS. Sadly, this means a high “Clear Food” score will mislead consumers into thinking a food item is healthy, nutritious or even non-GMO when it’s actually made from toxic ingredients that cause cancer, obesity and diabetes.

The entire Clear Food system only rates whether food composition matches the food label. That’s it. And since GMOs aren’t labeled, they won’t even be testing for GMOs.

Too bad. They could have been empowering consumers, but now they’re likely to end up as just another industry lapdog that grants misleading high scores to processed food loaded with GMOs.

Natural News Forensic Food Lab undergoing massive expansion

If you’re looking for a watchdog science laboratory that’s conducting consumer watchdog testing of foods, we’ve got a massive expansion of our own Forensic Food Lab under way.

With the addition of an entire organic chemistry section, we’ll soon be testing foods for pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants. We’re also adding an ion chromatograph instrument to test iodine, fluoride, chlorine and other halogens!

And yes, we are probably going to alienate the big food giants. That’s our job, to protect the interests of the public, not to be polite to the food giants that are poisoning everybody. We answer to YOU, our readers, not the influence of Big Ag.

Too many lab people are neutered panzies who are afraid to use science to really tell the full truth about what’s in foods. They try to be nice, polite and friendly all the time, which means they don’t have the balls to conduct real science in the public interest. Real food science takes courage, because the truth about what’s in the foods you’re eating is most definitely something the food industry doesn’t want publicly known.

Maybe that’s why my friends are now calling me the “Donald Trump of the food industry.” I’m the guy who tells the truth… even when it’s not popular among industry giants. And yet, at the same time, telling the truth is wildly popular among food consumers, which is why we continue to gain readers.