How To Use CBD Wax

With the recent rise in the popularity of CBD, many people have started to learn about products like CBD wax, CBD crumble, or CBD dabs. While people are often curious about these products, many are still unsure what they are, how to use them, or what the difference is. In this article we’ll try cover these questions with a brief, but thorough CBD wax review. First, we’ll go through a couple of reasons why CBD wax crumble is one of the best options for CBD relief.

Fast & Effective Relief

If you take CBD products orally, you may be familiar with having to wait for relief. CBD has to be absorbed into the bloodstream in order for the user to feel the effects. The process takes time when CBD is taken orally as it first must pass through the stomach.

One of the unique benefits of CBD wax crumble is the extremely fast and effective relief one can experience. The reason for this is because when CBD is inhaled in vapor form, it can pass into the bloodstream almost immediately through the lungs. This method of CBD use requires inhaling CBD wax crumble vapor from a device with a heating element like an oil rig or vaporizer. CBD is THC free, so CBD does not have psychoactive effects like those typically associated with marijuana use.

Since it does not make the user feel high, CBD is an ideal choice for people looking for the natural health benefits of cannabis, without the unwanted side effects like grogginess. This is great news for some patients who are suffering from chronic pain conditions who are looking for a relief supplement that they can use throughout the day without losing their productivity.

How to Use CBD Wax

Typically, to use CBD wax, it has to be dabbed. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, it can look a little intimidating. The method for dabbing generally involves using a butane torch to heat a glass bowl or metal piece known as the ‘nail’ until it becomes red hot. The user then places one end of a metal utensil, typically with a scoop containing the CBD wax, on to the super heated piece. This causes it to instantly vaporize. The vapor can then be inhaled by passing through the dabs rig, which generally has a glass chamber that contains water, although a water free dabs pens can also be used as an alternative. The process sounds complicated, but is actually quite simple.

The traditional setup requires a butane torch to heat up the nail and vaporize the wax. The nail itself can go over 500 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking. That’s why extreme caution should always be exercised when handling a heated dabs rig, or while using a torch. While in use, the butane torch is an open flame and is a fire hazard.

If that sounds like too much trouble, there are alternative methods available. Perhaps your place isn’t exactly set up for having an open flame around while dabbing? If that’s the case, but you are still interested, consider using an electronic nail (or E-nail for short). This device plugs into a wall outlet and heats up to a specified temperature without the use of a torch, or an open flame. Buyer beware though, these devices can be more expensive, typically starting around $100 and going up from there depending on the features you want. Some dabbers prefer an E-nail they can set to a specific temperature in order to do a low temperature dab and avoid potentially burning their throat.

Another option is to simply buy a dabs pen. These devices are similar to e-cigs or vape pens, but have been modified to take a single hit of solid concentrate instead of vaporizing oil. Dab pens typically cost between $50 to $80 and function in basically the same way as traditional dab rigs without the water. The benefit of these pens is that they are both more portable and far more discreet than a traditional dabs rig.

Less Is More

Modern strains of cannabis are up to 30 times more powerful than they were in the 1960’s. Modern concentrates can be up to 90 times more powerful. Thus, we no longer need to inhale a quarter of an  ounce of burning plant material to feel strong effects. Dabbing allows for a small amount of cannabinoid concentrate to go a long way compared to methods of the past. This is good news for folks who may require a higher dose of CBD, or those who have simply built up a tolerance.

Finally, it’s important to carefully consider the concentrate you will be using. Not all CBD wax is created equal. Some important questions to ask are, “What strain of cannabis was used? What solvent was used to break down the concentrate? What method was used for extraction? And, was it refined or distilled?”

While in general most hemp products are safe to use for the whole family, CBD wax does need to be used with caution as taking CBD wax involves heating the substance. Dabbing CBD wax is NOT suitable for children. In addition, women who are pregnant should NOT use these products.


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