How To Stop Your Phone From Being Tracked

Is your cell phone transmitting your location, acting like a homing beacon for whomever may wish to listen in? Cell phone tracking versus location privacy are hot topics these days. Federal e911 (enhanced 911 communications for mobile devices) rules require that your cell phone carrier be able to provide your location information in the event that you initiate a 911 call, but some consumers are reporting that their GPS  cell phones  are transmitting this information all the time, not just when they dial 9-1-1.

What is Mobile Phone GPS Tracking?

Mobile phones constantly emit what is known as a ‘roaming signal’, this is a signal sent out by the mobile  phone that is used to determine which nearby antenna tower to connect to for optimum use. As the mobile phone user moves around the mobile phone tower to which they are connected changes also, switching to whichever antenna is able to provide the strongest signal in any given area, with this generally being the nearest tower located to the user. And so in this way it is possible to determine the approximate location of any mobile phone owner, as long as the phone is kept upon their person.

And GPS enabled mobile telephones can be tracked via the Global Positioning Satellites network with ever increasing accuracy. Meaning that you can be located at any time, anywhere on Earth.

 How to stop your phone from being tracked