How To Reduce Snoring Apnea With A Simple Juice


One of the best ways of ruining you or your partner’s peaceful night in bed is by snoring. We all know how essential it is to get the right amount of sleep, and if you’re constantly awoken or kept awake by your partners snoring; it’s not only frustrating, but long term it will harm your health, and relationship.

What May Be Causing The Snoring.

One of the things that contributes to snoring is excess mucous. If you can lessen the amount of mucous that builds up in the throat and nasal passengers, you will free up the airways which can reduce or maybe even prevent someone from snoring altogether.

One of the simplest and also most pleasant ways to achieve this is by juicing and below is a recipe you are recommended to try out on either yourself, or your partner to stop the night time noise.

2 Apples

2 Carrots

¼ of a Lemon

1″ stick of Ginger

Remember that where possible, all ingredients should be organic.

There are numerous foods that are renowned for making snoring worse.

These include things like:

Drinking alcohol in excess

Eating too much chocolate

Eating too much fried food

Eating food that is heavily floured

Eating too much processed food

By eliminating these foods or at least cutting them back as much as possible, and instead drinking freshly prepared juices containing natural, raw ingredients, you’ll find that you will experience less mucus constricting your airways, and that this will help to alleviate snoring, and keep your holistic health lifestyle on track.