How to make the most of your video conferencing platform

Video conferencing is not new to this world. The technology existed long before it became so widespread. But after the pandemic, people turned their attention to how significantly this tool can impact the work process. Various platforms offer rich functionalities, but people rarely use them in full. So how can you take advantage of working through video meetings? And why the iMind conferences are the most relevant to modern requirements?

Why video conferencing is so significant

Most of us have had a chance already to use video conferencing for something regular or obligatory. First, it confused — people have never faced this work format so massively. But the time has shown that finally, people appreciated the benefits of video conferencing technologies. They allow you to:

● stay in comfort working from home;

● save your time and money on circulation over the city, country, or the whole world;

● do your job faster;

● concentrate better on the tasks you have but not on organization;

● work more productively in teams or individually.

In brief, work conditions improved, and the growing potentiality of video conferencing technology makes it possible to eliminate the pitfalls.

Take your chance to benefit from video meetings

Despite the advantages of video conferencing platforms, many people ignore them and use only basic functions or purposes. To reach the best performance, it’s better to consider that:

● Video conferencing is available not only on PCs but on mobile devices too. The etiquette suggests people correlate the places from which they join the conferences. And sometimes it may cause someone’s absence when the practical possibility to join was present.

● Conferences are not only for regular meetings or extraordinary situations. A more creative approach can help use video conferencing productively for presentations, corporate meetings, and other events traditionally held on-site.

● The visual part impacts a lot, so don’t forget about your webcam and the screen sharing function. Except for the impression their use makes, they enhance mutual understanding in task discussion and interpersonal communication.

● The software develops rapidly, so check out the updates regularly to learn if there is some new function helpful for you.

Of course, each particular case sets the conditions, but it is always useful to keep the above mentioned points in mind.

How working with iMind can enhance your productivity

The iMind app can help you be even more productive than with some other video conferencing platforms. To make these words more meaningful, we emphasize the following peculiarities to be valuable:

● easy to use interface – create, manage, share, and join the conferences in a couple of clicks;

● from 10 to unlimited rooms creation;

● room branding;

● conference recording, storage, and sharing;

● simultaneous screen sharing;

● 24-hour long meetings.

Most of these functions are free. Furthermore, the platform provides a reliable connection and is compatible with almost any device.

Making your video conferences productive is a new challenge people try to deal with. The behavior and etiquette peculiarities have changed, but a considerate and creative approach eliminates these issues.