How To Make Okra Water For Diabetics


In case you are diabetic or someone close to you suffers from this disease, in this article you will learn natural remedy that can help you to treat this dangerous disease. The conventional medicine begins to recognize the usefulness of plants that the humans have had exploited for too long. Okra is one of those plants and a glass of Okra water can be very beneficial for all diabetics.

Some people claim that the Okra is super-food because it is very effective. Now I will explain to you why Okra water is the all-natural remedy for diabetes.

Okra is also known as ladyfingers and it is a tall vegetable that originates from Ethiopia, but today you can find it in the Americas where the people are using it for cooking and frying.

It has been proved as very effective in healing some particular conditions such as diabetes because of the effect it has on blood sugar. It is also used as prevention from cancer.

Pods are often fried, added in soups or boiled and served together with other dishes. It is also used for preparing Okra water which provides you with all the benefits that the plant can offer. The pods are very low in calories and filled with nutrients with no side effects, as well as no saturated fats or cholesterol.

Studies of Okra and its Effects on Diabetes

Some studies have proved that Okra decreases blood glucose levels instantly in mice and also gradually reducing levels over time in another set of mice subjects.

Many diabetes patients stated that they experienced a drop in blood sugar levels after consuming Okra juice, which is prepared very easy only by leaving a glass of water during the night and then consuming the juice in the morning.

You can add Okra in your diet in other ways like juicing the Okra leaves. Anyway, Okra water is the best way to gain the benefits of this plant. It seems that the fiber in the Okra leaves decelerate the absorption of sugar from the intestines, which is the main reason for the glucose levels drop.

Some Other Health Benefits of Okra

This plant is not only effective against diabetes, but for preventing cancer and some other conditions. It is very rich source of fiber and gives necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

People claim that this water is very effective for preventing constipation and assisting to relieve it if you already suffer from it.

Okra water is very good for preventing cancer, especially the colon cancer. It also assists to relieve depression and provides you with energy for the rest of the day if you consume it in the morning. It also diminishes inflammation and is very good for treating sore throat, IBS, ulcers and even reduces lung inflammation.

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